Tuesday, January 29, 2019

I did what this weekend? I forgot to post this yesterday

I did get some quilting done on Sammy's quilt, but it won't be done this month. I am now at 73% finished with the quilting. The area inside the blue line is what still needs to be quilted.

I got a text on Friday that Uncle Frank had the materials for my new cabinet for the laundry/utility/dressing room/dye studio and he would be starting on it on Saturday. UF is fast so I wanted to be ready when it was done. The room needed a good clean out and paint job. This is the first room I walk into from the garage and it can be a dumping ground. I worked some Saturday then eight hours on Sunday cleaning, organizing, tossing stuff, ripping off baseboards and then finally painting. It will need a second coat and since I still need the room to function, I am only doing one wall at a time. Thank goodness the place where the cabinet is going - on top of the ledge - was the easiest wall to tackle first. Here is the before

Here is where I am right now. The table and shoe caddie will go back with the new cabinet above. I will put on the second coat of paint on tonight.

Along with the new cabinet I think I need to replace the hot water heater this year. Sometimes it makes a lot of noise when it refills. To prep for that and along with the new paint job, I am planning on replacing the flooring. I salvaged some tile and so when the hot water heater gets changed out I want to be ready to stick the tile down in that spot. In order to get to the water heater I will have to take down the wire shelving. Since I am painting, it is a good time to get rid of stuff so I will have less to move later on. I don't have much storage in this house so I keep my dye, fabric paint, art supplies, interior paint and painting supplies, caulk, extra hardware, light bulbs, and wrapping paper on the shelves. I think I will tackle this wall next. Talk about airing my dirty laundry - what a mess! - but it is going to look so good when I get it done! Can you spot the water heater tucked between the furnace and the shelving?

The other side of the room has the washer, dryer and sink. I have drywall above the window that needs replaced, then I need to paint the window trim and install the extension jambs and trim it out so this wall will take a bit more time. The back wall to the right of the washer could use some drywall but that could be a challenge with the piping that goes thru there.

I have so many other unfinished projects around the house I should not be starting another one. The backwall of this room is shared with the bathroom that needs some odds and ends done one which is to add blocking in that shared wall so I can install the towel bar in the bathroom. Maybe that will be the push I need to get the odds and ends done in the bathroom after I get the laundry room done.


Ann said...

You are so busy. Good for you. This cold spell seems a good time to stay indoors and work on these projects.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That definitely looks like a multi purpose room. One wall at a time is the most sensible way to work on it too.

Vicki W said...

Wow, you got a lot done! Now think of that space as a full basement and you have an idea of the crap that I have!