Wednesday, September 26, 2018


I started sewing the next group of strips for the pink and lavender quilt. They are 2" wide strips.

I then took the strip of two 2" wide strips and sewed it to a 3 1/2" strip.

I sliced those units into 3 1/2" pieces and this is what the block will look like once it is sewn together

This pieced 4 patch will then get sewn to a 6 1/2" block

The big oops is that I sewed all the 3 1/2" strips into pairs! Wrong!!
I have no idea what I was thinking. Oh well, I will rip those strips apart a few at a time. Geeze!!!

When I got home I did see that one of my coneflowers had three flowers that bloomed and a couple more to follow. This plant was shorter than the other three all summer, but it is now about the same height. A late bloomer I guess.


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

LOL. Been there and have the T-shirt! Love those coneflowers. They are such a deep color. They were all over France.

swooze said...

Oops! Just a little zen ripping for you.

Janie said...

Your coneflower is beautiful.
Yes, the 'what was I thinking' moment. I'm familiar with that.
Being patient with myself makes the unpicking go a lot faster.
After all I'm not perfect, might as well relax about it.

Ann said...

Your coneflowers look like your quilt. Now I see where you got this inspirational color scheme.

Kaja said...

How frustrating. Maybe you could rip them apart at the end of a trying work day! How lovely that your flower bloomed right at the end of summer.