Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Cutting and sewing flannel

I had a busy three days. Saturday I did the grocery shopping, stopped at Lowes, then trimmed and mowed the grass. I decided to sew the rest of the blocks together out of the flannel.

and made as many blocks as I could out of the scrap pile. Here is the before scraps

and after I also cut the sports flannel up for a baby quilt

Here is what my scrap pile looks like now

I was able to make 16 blocks out of the scraps so I now have 88 blocks

I need 32 more blocks so I cut up flannel strips for those. This will be good easy sewing when I come home from work and I am too exhausted from the heat to think.

In the pile of scraps there were enough strips of this flannel for the binding so I set those aside.

So while I was on a roll of cutting flannel, I decided to attack a pile of pink and lavender flannels. Some of this was leftover from a quilt I made my sister, and a few pieces I bought so I would have enough to make another good sized quilt. Here is the pile with the piece on the left the backing.

And after cutting most of it up - I kept two pieces for cutting up later if there was a size I needed to finish this top - here is what the pink flannel looks like now. Ready to sew!

I did bring home two more large rocks and some smaller rocks I gathered up from around the site.

Yesterday I worked on pulling weeds for almost 3 hours. Oh my flower beds were such a mess! It is like the crabgrass was on steroids! Here is the bed along the sidewalk to the front door. Yikes!

After an hour of work it looked much better. I accidently pulled up some Shasta daisies so I planted those next to the house and planted a lavender plant by the big rocks I am now using as an accent. I want to move some plants around still, but at least it looks a lot better than it did!

While I was pulling the weeds something was moving thru the leaves. I looked and looked and here it was a toad. I ended up seeing another one, but he was only about 3/4" long and was too quick for a photo.

Next I started on the center bed. What a mess!

As I was pulling and digging I saw another toad! Maybe I should have just left the mess since it was now a toad habitat! LOL!!! I decided to keep pulling and got two wheelbarrows of junk pulled. It was getting too hot to work anymore so I had to quit. I made a dent but there is a lot more that needs done.

While cleaning up around the coneflowers I ended up pulling some pieces of coneflower with roots out. I went and stuck them back in so that maybe they will grow and I will have three more plants. I will have to remember to water them!

I saw the twins Monday morning. My goodness they have gotten big! Their white spots are almost gone.

Laundry, doing dishes, cooking, and baking cookies for the guys at work were also on the list yesterday.

This morning's sunrise.

It is suppose to get up to 92 today which means it is going to be really hot inside where I work. I brought a small cooler and filled it with ice from that nifty new machine. I put my cool towel inside since the fridge didn't keep it cool enough last week.


Ann said...

You had a busy weekend. It's hard to keep the flower beds weeded but perhaps will become easier when the flowers fill in. How fun to see the deer daily.
Good luck with your flannel quilts. It's hot here. I'm so glad I don't need flannel this winter. :-)

Janie said...

You are having a blast aren't you?
Lots of quilt work and yard work done. Not to mention seeing neighborhood
deer and toads.
It sounds like you have a plan to help stay cool with your towel in the cooler.
Our temperatures have dropped into the 70's and I'm grateful.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That was a lot of yard work! My crabgrass is on steroids too. Luckily it was easy to pull now that it rained.

Kaja said...

What a busy weekend! My weeds have multiplied too (that's next week's job for me) but at least the grass doesn't grow much in the heat. I like how you have got so much fabric prepared - flannel is so lovely and warm in the winter too.