Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Pairing up flannel and the perfect pencil

I was beat when I got home from work. It was 92 yesterday so that meant it was at least 92+ inside where I work. After taking a shower to wash off all the dirt - I had to clean my desk 4 times yesterday because of the dirt settling on my desk so I can imagine how much dirt was in my hair! - and fix some food for breakfast and lunch today, all I had energy for was to pair up the flannels. I like using a solid with a plaid and I cut the strips in half - it just makes it easier to press the strips.

On another project I am working on, I needed a pencil that would make a nice mark without pulling on the fabric. Remember when I was at the high school and I would pick up pencils every morning on my walk?

Well, I started pulling out the different brands and found the perfect pencil - a Papermate Mirado Classic HB 2. It holds a good point and makes a good mark.

I sorted thru one can and I found a few more. I guess I will be set for awhile! LOL!!

Today it is forecasted to be 93, then 82 on Thursday and 79 on Friday with the lows 66 and 62. I just have to get thru today. I brought a small cooler and filled it with ice so I could keep my cool towel in there at the ready.


swooze said...

Hang in there! Fall is almost here.

Kaja said...

I wish you cooler days!