Wednesday, September 12, 2018

What a day

The last 24 hours has been crazy busy. First sewing - I got a few more strips sewn and cut. I have enough for 24 blocks and I need 32. That checkered fabric still needs sewn and that will give me the last 8. I just need to cut some light gray flannel to go with it.

I got one more good sized rock and a couple little ones.

Yesterday I received my Fitbit Nile badge for walking 4,132 miles.

Then I ended up with lots of steps yesterday. The subcontractors were carrying dust out of the work area into the public areas and I needed to take action. I ended up brooming the aisles on the floor where I am working to at least reduce the crap on the floor that they were walking thru. They are suppose to clean up after themselves. My boss made me send out a nastygram about the mess that will hit them in the pocket so maybe something will finally get cleaned up. All I did was push the debris into piles to get it out of the walking paths.
I had to go and mop up several areas to get up the dust and footprints. All of this took my 3 hours. It wasn't that warm yesterday, but the humidity was high and I was sweating to the point it was dripping off me. The place looks better and the subs are cleaning today! Yeah!!

I was inspired when I read Margaret's blog the other day. She was talking about doing some spring cleaning - yes, fall is approaching, but she called it spring cleaning and knew exactly what she meant. Margaret was going to use the 15 minute method. I had commented and she replied with a lovely email pointing out all the pitfalls and a guideline to make this method work. I decided to put the plan into action when I had told her that my garage needed some serious cleaning. I set my phone timer for 15 minutes and in that time I tossed in the recycling bin all the empty boxes etc. and in the garbage bin all the trash since today is trash day. Next I swept all the dirt that was where I parked, and hung up the yard tools by the time the timer went off. The garage doesn't look a whole lot different, but I was happy with what I had gotten done.

Next I set the timer again and pulled weeds for 15 minutes. I wasn't going to go any longer since I had been at work for 10 hours, I was dirty and just wanted a shower. I made some good progress in those 15 minutes. Here is the before and after.

With all of that I ended up with over 16,000 steps for the day!


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I have used the timer methods several times to get me started into a routine or project in addition to just getting areas cleaned up. Garages tend to be piling places and that is a good place to start the cleaning.

swooze said...

I did the 15 minutevthing all day Sunday. I sewed 20 minutes then cleaned or whatever for 10-15 minutes then sewing. Like you I can see the difference but not sure anyone else can. It’s like cleaning out clogged one knows until all he’ll breaks loose!