Monday, September 17, 2018

Sewing and gardening

I never left the house all weekend except to go outside and do some yardwork. I did get some sewing done and the piece I can't show you and a few more flannel 9-patch blocks sewn together.

It was a very warm and humid weekend. I was very tired on Saturday, but between Saturday and Sunday I did manage to get the cora bell flower bed almost done. I want to mulch the bed. I hauled 10 to 12 half wheelbarrows of dirt to fill up the bed and help with the grade. The ground was lower next to the garage and I needed to bring it up to shed the water away from the garage. I dug up all the cora bells that I had planted along the garage a year ago. Poor little things! They were pretty much stuck in clay so that might be why they didn't seem to grow much. They have to be happy now that they are in nice soil which I tossed in some fertilizer. Here is the before
and the after.

I left some space at the one end because that fellow at work said he would bring me some purple leaf cora bells. It took me four hours to get the cora bell bed in shape on Sunday. It was hard to do the planting with the sweat dripping on my glasses! LOL!!!

I also finished up cleaning the big flower bed in the front yard. I dead headed the Shasta daisies and pulled the rest of weeds. It looks a lot better! The bed is now ready for me to work on the rock border. Of course, that will happen depending on the weather, that is, the heat and humidity.


Frog Quilter said...

Amazing progress. You go girl!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I know what you mean with the sweat dripping on the glasses. We still have a few more days of the heat and humidity.

Kaja said...

I hope he does bring you the purple leaf plants - I would like to see them. I have started gardening in 20 minute chunks (got the idea from Cathy). Dig/mow/weed for 20 minutes, nip back inside and sew for 20. Keeps both things moving along nicely.