Friday, May 11, 2018

Stick a fork in me ...

I'm done! I don't know how long it took me last evening to finish this up because I was rummaging around in the garage for awhile looking for stuff I needed to take to work before I started on the yard. I lost track of time. It took four or five half wheelbarrows of dirt - that dirt was heavy and that is all I could handle in one trip down the hill - to fill in the rut left from the bricks and to fill in an ankle breaker hole that has been in the yard for years. I threw down some grass seed I had from last year and now mother nature needs to water it.

Work was rough yesterday as I had to help put up one of the temporary fences that the wind blew down. There was another woman and a fellow that was shadowing us yesterday that had to get the fence back in place. It was not an easy job and I wasn't exactly happy about doing it. It was hard even though we took some of the fence panels apart into sections we thought we could handle. This picture is only half of the fence that blew down.

Other things I get to do at work - change the dirty filters in the HEPA machine
Set out the sticky mats outside the doors where the demo guys haul out the debris

and use a Swiffer to get the footprints the workers leave in the hallway to the elevators. The battle with dirt containment is constant.

So that is the glamorous side of construction - LOL!!!

I haven't decided what I am going to do this weekend except I know there will be sewing going on! The forecast is calling for rain Saturday and Sunday so after work I will need to mow the grass, but after that I am headed to the studio.

Have a great weekend!


barbara woods said...

have a great Mother's day

Janie said...

You've been busy!
Yes, you need some down time sewing and
making things to get balanced out again.
Have fun.

Kaja said...

You've worked so hard this week you deserve some sewing time - enjoy your weekend.