Thursday, May 10, 2018

Another hour?

Yes, I was surprised last evening when it took me another hour of work to try to get the fire pit area in shape. I weed wacked, I raked, picked up debris, wacked again, raked again and found a few more bricks hidden under all that stuff.

I ended up with another wheel barrow of yard waste which will go into another area of the yard for composting.

There was a mound on the one side so I got out the pitch fork to try and figure out if it was just grass or dirt.

It turned out to be a mound of dirt and a colony of ants had made it home. I broke the mound up and after an hour the area is looking pretty good. I still need to add some dirt where the bricks were buried in the ground, but I was just too tired to do that job. We are getting rain for the next couple of days so that will help settle everything down before I start adding the dirt.


Vicki W said...

Well done!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I have several ant hills in my back yard. I noticed when mowing that 2 of them are lower than previous years so maybe the ants have moved on. We only got a sprinkle yesterday but IN got more and you probably will get the remains of the storm.

Kaja said...

Blooming ants- I get mounds all over my lawn. I don't mind black ones, but the red ones bite me.