Monday, July 24, 2017

Weekend activities

Oh it was a hot and humid weekend. Saturday morning was a haircut and then I headed over the Cuyahoga Falls to work the merchandise booth for my nephew's band. On Friday night and a bit on Saturday I made a new cover for the merchandise booth. The cover that I had made before wasn't enough for complete sun protection and was not hurricane/tornado/gale proof as demonstrated by the torrential downpour that happened to us two weeks ago. This cover is easy for me to zip up and worked well at Saturday's gig. I made it out of the car cover fabric I have used in the past for the covers I made for my brother and the water will just roll off of it.

It was so hot and humid at the show. Everyone was exhausted after the show and thank goodness we had some friends who helped us load out. I don't know what we would do without their help. My SIL always packs two large coolers with lots of water and drinks for us and the band, and we ran out. That has never happened. It was brutal, but we had a great crowd. I took this picture when they first started and then more people showed up.

I tried stitching a bit while I sat at the merch booth, but it was so hot and sticky that it was just to hard to sew. I did stitch all day Sunday; I was too tired to do much of anything else. I did get this pocket section done.

Then I jumped over to this t-shirt. I first stitched around the R.E.M. while I watched the final stage of the Tour de France. Here is what the letters looked like partially done.

I needed to add some stitching to those circles so I decided to use a running stitch. It is a bit hard to get the needle thru that rubbery stuff so I have to use a pliers to pull the needle thru, but it looks so good! I have one of the circles done and it really nails down the material. It will probably take at least two hours to finish the remaining circle. I was too tired to even bother tracking my time, but I would guess I got in at least 8 hours on Sunday.

Saturday the deer were back.

My friend, Glenda of found this cool Eagles t-shirt and sent it to me. This will go into one of my arty t-shirt quilts. She also doodled the back of the mailing envelop which was so fun! Thanks so much Glen!


Vicki W said...

Given that you only had 1 day, you got a lot done!

swooze said...

She doodles love notes to Ray in my envelopes. I'm gonna git her!!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It hurts my hands just listening to you stitching through that rubbery stuff!