Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Accomplishments over the 4th

I spend Monday evening and the 4th working on the R.E.M. piece. I am happy with my progress and have all but one t-shirt border stitched. I ran out of thread for this shirt. I got the backstitching about 3/4 done. I will head to the store today to pick up another skein of floss .

I got this one done. My plan is to stitch all those moths/butterflies in different colors of thread.

I wanted to get all the larger pieces of denim on the outside of the quilt stitched so that when I go to hang the piece to take the submission picture, that the piece will hangs decently. I got this area stitched yesterday.

This morning I laid out the quilt, steamed it, and weighted it down along the edges so it would be nice and flat. I still have a lot more stitching I want to do, but I need to get the submission picture taken. I will temporarily add the guitar picks and patches for the submission picture I plan on taking at lunchtime. I won't know until July 17 if my piece is accepted into the show.

I did do a little cooking and laundry too. I entertained myself by watching the Tour de France, movies, and reruns of ER. I don't know the ruling yet of an incident that happened at the sprint finish on yesterday's stage. Mark Cavendish tried to squeeze between the barrier and Peter Sagan. It looked like at first that Peter elbowed Mark and then Mark crashed, but after seeing the replay several times that wasn't the case. Mark had nowhere to go and Peter's elbow never touched Mark. If they throw Peter out of the Tour, I will be disappointed.

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Kaja said...

I like that area with the dense stitching, and all your lovely variations of stitch in the outlining. I really hope your submission is successful.