Monday, July 31, 2017

Minus 34 hours

34 hours and counting until I have to have my R.E.M. piece photo ready. I managed a total of 20 hours and 45 minutes of stitching from Friday at 4 until 7:30 last night. Saturday I got up early since is was nice and cool out and weeded the front flower bed. I just couldn't stand the way it looked.

I also needed to go to the grocery store so between that and the weeding I used up 3 hours. On Sunday my brother came over with a few items that I needed repaired. Before he came I needed to do some clean up! All of that took about 3 hours, but I still got a lot done this weekend. I finished the gray t-shirt with the purple. I also embroidered around the show date that I attended.

While I was working with red thread, I highlighted around the show I attended on this shirt

I worked on the olive green shirt with the rabbit all day Saturday. I still have a bit more I need to finish, but the goal was to get everything stitched down to where the 4" rod pocket would be. It is hard to get enough light for a good picture, but here is the before

and after

I added some sashiko stitching in this denim area.

In other denim areas I added free motion matchstick quilting and hand embroidered the other dates I went to R.E.M. concerts.

My to do list for the next 34 hours is:
1. get the guitar, Bruce, and R.E.M. outlined on this shirt

2. Sew on the binding and rod pocket
3. Drill a hole in the guitar picks and sew them on
4. Add the rest of the embellishments - pins and patches
5. Put eye screws in the rod

I still will have more embroidery I will do on this quilt, but at least I can pace myself a bit. I have to turn it in by September 8. Much of the hand work is not going to show up in the photo anyway, but in person it will be noticed so I need more!


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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That is a lot of hours to do hand stitching. I'm sure the free motion matchstick quilting was a relief to do.

Vicki W said...

You don't seem nearly as stressed this year as last year. That's a good thing! I love what you did with the rabbit and that you added in the concert dates. That's awesome.