Friday, July 7, 2017

Harley t-shirt quilt

I decided I needed a change of pace so I worked on the Harley quilt top a bit last evening. The piecing will be nothing fancy; I just need to get this done and use as many of the t-shirts that were sent to me. How I am approaching this quilt top is:
1. I cut the shirts up and interfaced them with a lightweight interfacing. I then arranged them on my design wall
2. I decided to start with the middle row/column. I found the center of the design by using two rulers.

3. I marked the center point at the top and bottom of the t-shirt with a piece of tailor's wax. The tailor's wax disappears with heat.

4. I then trimmed the top edge of the shirt and then the bottom edge of the shirt

5. I started sewing the shirts together using the wax marks to line up the centers.

Here are three rows on the design wall.
The row on the left, which is the middle row, is all sewn together. I left it a bit long so I can trim it after I have all the rows sewn together.
The row to the right of the middle row is partly sewn together and the row on the right is not sewn. I will eye how much I need to trim each shirt to get the rows close to the same length. After I sewed the first row together, I used a long metal 6' ruler to trim the width of the shirts. I will cut them 17" wide if I can so the width of the quilt is in proportion to the length of 96".

If you have any questions let me know. Have a great weekend!

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Kaja said...

I found it really interesting to see exactly how you go about these t-shirts quilts - thanks for talking us through it.