Thursday, July 13, 2017

Harley quilt, mowing, and more rain

I broke down last evening and mowed. It was 85 degrees and muggy. I was drenched with sweat and my energy was gone by the time I was done. My cool towel helped a bit, but for me it wasn't enough. I also did a little weeding as I trimmed so things are looking a bit better in the front. I will do the sides and back yard this weekend. Here is what the front looked like before I mowed

and what it looks likes after. A bit better I would say.

I got a couple more flowers on that day lily. They are big flowers at almost 6" across.

Before the yard work I of course watched the Tour de France that I had taped from earlier and quilted on the Harley quilt. I managed to get four shirts quilted! So I now am 43% done with the quilting. The black Las Vegas and Savannah shirts took a while to do. There was a lot of tracing around the designs and letters, and there was a lot of stopping and starting which you cannot even see in the picture.

We have rain again this morning. There was lighting at 4:30 that woke me up and a bit of rain, but it started a steady rain about six a.m. This has got to be the rainiest July in a long time.

This will be another day the sitework contractors can't work. They are a bit ahead of schedule which is a good thing, because this week is going to be nothing but rain. I can now spend my day catching up on paperwork.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

We have had the wettest July too, way above the normal. Some areas in the northern suburbs of Chicago got 6.5" of rain yesterday. We only had 3/4" which was a nice amount.

Vicki W said...

It was 94 here yesterday when I went out to weed in the shade. I only lasted 30 minutes.

Kaja said...

Your garden looks great. I like the way your stitching on the t-shirts adds a texture that makes the logos stand out so well.