Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Harley quilt progress and the garden

I did a bit of cooking when I got home from work so I didn't get as much quilting done. I did get two more shirts quilted. So now I am 31.5% done with the quilting. I also got started on another shirt, but I didn't count that.

I took a wander around the front last evening between the rain showers. It was too wet to mow and the grass and weeds are getting out of hand. I wanted to check out one of the few daylily plants I have. Every year the deer eat all the flowers before it blooms and I don't remember what color it was. This year I decided I am going to cover it so I have a piece of lightweight fabric hooked to the plant with small binder clips. This is a later bloomer and here are the flowers

And tucked away for the evening

The Shasta daisies that got knocked down with Monday's storm

A daylily tucked beside the Shasta daisies. I love the color of this one

Coneflowers are doing well and there are more blooms coming

The rest of the Shasta daisies are fading fast. I am going to have to add something else to this bed that takes over once the daisies are faded. Maybe more coneflowers.

Meanwhile it is raining again. I don't remember the last time we have had this much rain in July. Monday we got almost 2". This is what we are getting right now and the grass keeps growning! LOL!!


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That is a good idea on your day lilies. It is lot of work and a challenge to your memory if you covered them each night.

The predicted rain missed us last night, went north. I heard on the news this morning that some of the northern suburbs got as much as 5" of rain last night on top of 2" on Sunday.

Vicki W said...

We need some of your rain! Last summer was quite wet but we are dry this year.

Kaja said...

I think maybe you are getting the rain that was meant for us, as our July has been surprisingly warm and dry! I like that you are saving your day lilies like that; they are too beautiful to be deer snacks.