Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Next baby quilt and work around the house

Here is the next baby quilt out of my UFO pile of strips. I did have to cut a few more strips to have enough for this. It looks a bit out of whack, but once it is sewn together it will be fine.

I did some dishes last evening while I cooked dinner, did a load of laundry, and tried to start the mower. Here are pictures of the grass that didn't get mowed when the mower ran out of gas and I couldn't get it started again.

Well I couldn't get the mower started so I broke out the weed whacker and used it to cut the grass in the strip and not the area next to the woods. I was sweating so bad that I couldn't see thru my glasses so I called it quits. I will go back and do the section next to the woods tonight even though it is suppose to be 90 today. By the time I get out to whack the grass, this part of the yard will be in the shade. Yesterday it got up to 89. That is just too hot for this time of the year.

While I was weed whacking I did a bit next to the house too. There were a couple of cora bells that never did very well where they were planted so I dug those up and moved them. Then as I was going after the weeds I saw a little toad. He was only about an inch long. I had a watering can some water for the cora bells so I gave him a little shower. He seemed to like it because he didn't jump away.


QuiltSwissy said...

A toad! LOL. I have one that comes out at night and eats the bugs on the patio.

I had to laugh at the strips left in your lawn. And i was thinking if Frank ever left me I would get a mower that started with a push button!

Charlene S said...

I will get a tractor when Stelly passes. They start with a key as does Stelly's big mower. I have to have him or someone start my weed eater so I can whack things. Love the striped lawn and the toad.