Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Getting stuff done

I never left the house all weekend except to go outside to get the mail or mow. I got a few things done.

I got all the machine quilting done on the AC/DC piece. Now it is on to the embroidery work. I did get started on it. I have hours and hours of hand work to do. I need to get into a rhythm.

I now can cross one more item off my UFO list. I finally made my living room curtains/drapes. Here is the bare window.

I used a lighter weight room darkening fabric for the lining and I had to make them shorter than I wanted because of the heating/cooling registers.

Here they are all done - finally! This window gets the sun all day as it faces south. Maybe the AC won't run as much now that the sun is blocked.

Since my design wall was blank, I decided to get out those strips of fabric I cut a while ago and that are on my UFO list. I laid out a baby quilt and got it sewn together. In order to sew these together I had to construct this in two sections working from the turquoise and pink rectangles and sewing partial seams. I still have enough strips left to make four or five more baby quilts. That is a lot of sewing to get one item off the UFO list!

I needed to make a new fitted sheet for my bed so I did that on Monday. I washed the mattress pad yesterday and after is was dry remade the bed. The new fitted sheet fit perfectly!

I installed the new spark plug in the mower and after still having to pull the cord about 20 times, managed to get the mower started. Part way thru I refilled the gas tank while the mower was still running, and was now mowing the backyard. Well, I never thought I would have run out of gas after refilling the tank, but I did. By then I was so hot and tired after an hour and a half of mowing I just didn't have the energy to keep pulling the cord to try and get it started again. I may just have to take the weed wacker after the bit that was left. A friend of my brother knows someone who works on mowers so I am going to have to get Bubba in for a check up.

It was in the 80's all weekend and humid so I hid in the house and turned on the AC. It has gotten too hot too quick.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Your curtains should help a lot. I finally put a coated drapery at the triple window in my kitchen facing west and it really makes a difference.

It was 87 here yesterday but low humidity. It is probably headed your way.

Vicki W said...

I think your curtains will make a huge difference to your electric bill. The baby quilt is very clever!