Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A little progress

After work I headed to Pat Catan's (a craft store) with a 50% off coupon. I wanted some of these floss holders as I could not find the ones I had bought years and years ago. I want to hand dye some floss so these hold the floss so it doesn't get all tangled.

I saw this floss. I bought one skein to see how it stitches up. It is a bit shinier than the regular DMC floss and I think it could add another bit of interest to the AC/DC piece. It comes in about 10 colors so if I like it I will have to get more. The hot pink and purple were gorgeous.
I am showing it next to the regular floss so you can sort of see the difference.

I spent way too much time wandering around Pat Catan's. I finally made myself leave and next thing you know I was wandering around the library. I had some books, a CD and DVD's that I took back, but then I wandered over to the new books and then to the CDs, etc. Next think I knew it was twenty after five! I headed home gathered up trash and the recycling for todays pick up, watered the seeds and canna, cooked some dinner, did some dishes, and did a load of laundry. Yes, life was interfering with my stitching time! I only managed to get the "BE" done. I say it is better than nothing!
Her are a few pictures of the flower beds. With the water the zinnias are getting because I am watering the coneflower seeds, the zinnias are growing like crazy. I know they are hard to see in this picture, but this is what they looked like on Saturday. You can just see them toward the top of the pictured mixed with the leaves from the daffodils.

Here is what they look like this morning. They have double in size since Saturday. I will just have to keep a watch out for the beetles that like to eat the leaves. I think they show up in July.

My Shasta daisies that I planted from seed two years ago are just covered with buds and have just started to bloom.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I planted zinnia seeds this year and mine are teeny tiny compared to yours.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

uh I need to come up there and tie you to the chair? Stitch, girl, stitch!

I like that shiny floss. I can see some potential in other things for that shine!

I haven't planted seeds in many years. Carrie plants them all the time. And has flowers as beautiful as yours!

I may have to find me a packet or two.