Monday, June 6, 2016

UFO update, Road trip with the band and another baby quilt top

It that time to update my UFO progress for Vicki's blog and website - Colorways by Vicki Welsh. I started the year with 28 UFO on my list. You can see them on my 1/5/16 post. I have finished three items on the list, and I have three items in progress - #21 I am using some of those parts for the baby quilts I am making for UFO #27, #26 - I have one quilt made and I have started to machine quilt it, and #27 - I have made four baby quilt tops so far and have number 5 on the design wall.

Saturday I was up at 5:30 am to make cookies to take on the road trip with the band. I had to be at my brother's house at 8. We headed to downtown Sandusky, Ohio and play for Bike Week. There were motorcycles everywhere! We had an easy load in and load out. It sprinkled just a bit. The stage was on a barge on Lake Erie which was kind of cool except the movement of the stage was starting to Michael sick and his bass player said afterwards that a couple of time the stage moved so much he messed up his playing.

The band played for 2 hours and 15 minutes straight. The stage crew leader said Michael's band put on the best show he saw all week. The kid worked so hard he broke the screw that held his guitar strap and cut his finger from playing. He said he was bleeding all over the guitar and it was affecting the strings as the wouldn't reverberate very well. So rock n' roll!

I was busy at the merchandise booth! We sold more CD's at this venue that any other one I have ever worked. After the show it was just crazy with all the people wanting to meet Michael and have him sign CD's. We got free burgers for dinner for Michael mentioning a place during the show three times. We ate in the car and headed back. I go home about 6:30. I was a bit tired. It was an hour and 40 minute drive one way.

Sunday I did laundry, cooked a bit, cleaned, and made myself a new rug. Friday we were cleaning out one of the construction trailers and tossing all kinds of stuff into the dumpster. I saved the carpet samples

I thought I could tape them together and replace the pad I had under my sewing chair. It was disgusting!

So now I have a new rug for the cost of some tape!

I sewed together the baby quilt top that was on the design wall.

And I have another one started. I need to cut a few strips of white fabrics as I have used up most of what I originally cut.


Vicki W said...

Sounds like a fun weekend and I love your new (free) rug.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I can't imagine playing music on a stage that is moving. I think I would lose my concentration for sure.

Great rug!

QuiltSwissy said...

What a great concert......frank would have been really sick on that barge too. It would not have been pretty!

The rug.....woman, you always amaze me!