Monday, June 13, 2016

What was I thinking?

I received a phone call from the fellow who will be photographing all art for the Akron Art Prize. He was wondering if I could do some sewing for him. As it turned out it was repairing a photography tent for photographing luxury cars. The person who was going to do it has a six week waiting time. This person makes sails. Of course, I said that I don't have the space or the type of heavy duty industrial machine to do this type of work and gave him some ideas on who he might contact.

This phone call got me to thinking. It is almost mid-June so how much time do I have to get my piece embroidered and finished? As of today, I have 67 days. Take off a day to face bind the piece and sew on the rod pocket, and that gives me about 3.5 day's time to embroider each shirt. Now that seems like a lot of time, but I have a full time job. I worked Saturday and Sunday on one shirt so I would say it is half done. Some shirts won't take as long. I am starting to get in a rhythm so the work is going quicker. No more making quilts with the UFO strips; I have to concentrate 100% on my AC/DC piece. Here is the shirt and two detail shots of what I have done so far

I spent 5 hours this weekend working in the front yard. Here is the bed closest to the street that needed the major TLC.

Here are the weeds pulled. The ground is pretty hard. We got all of 1 minute of rain this weekend.

I planted the canna I had from last year. They were planted in back of the cora bells. I saw two rhizomes that still had a bit of life left in them so they got planted and were give a big fat drink of water. I will just have to cross my finger that something comes up. The bed looks a lot better!

In the center bed I planted more Shasta daisy seeds and coneflower seeds. I watered them several times yesterday as the sun was hot and drying out the soil. I did notice that the zinnias that came up from last year's seed are growing fast!

There was a doe and fawn in the backyard early Saturday morning. The fawn can't be more than a couple days old.


Vicki W said...

with that amount of stitching, I agree, you do need to focus!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

So you DO have a new fawn! Yea!

So with your time plan, you cannot do lawn work until the quilt is finished, young lady!