Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Progress on Homespun #4

I was so tired last evening that I watched a documentary and then went to bed. Yesterday afternoon I felt like I was coming down with a cold. This morning I feel a lot better so I was up early enough to sew a bit before I left for work. I now have three rows on the Homespun #4 sewn together.

One thing I do when sewing my rows together is to start the row and end the row with smaller stitches so that the seams don't come apart.

My canna in the living room is growing like crazy! Look how tall it is now!

I have four bags of canna rhizomes in the downstairs closet. I looked in on them last night and there are leaves that have poked thru the plastic bags. I have been hesitant to plant them outside due to it still being so cold a night. We are supposedly in for a warm up so I think I will go ahead and plant them tonight or tomorrow and cross my fingers.

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Gale said...

What a great idea and so simple! Why didn't I think of that?