Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More progress on the ocean

I got the other five rows of units sewn together into rows. Now I need to sew the rows together.

Since I improv pieced the units, in order to sew the units into rows I have to recut each time I sew on a new unit. Here is how I did it to get straighter rows.

First I line up two units using the lines on my cutting mats.

You can see the one end has selvage so I decided to overlap the right piece over the selvage.

I then traced the edge of the right unit with my rotary cutter.

I also nipped the top of the cut to make sure the pieces were the same length. That way when I flip the right piece on top of the left piece to sew together there is no question in matching up the two pieces.

I moved the right piece over and here you can see the selvage piece that was trimmed off when I traced cut.

See how the two pieces match up? They are ready to be sewn.

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Tell me about the nip. I am not sure I see that.