Friday, May 30, 2014

Machine quilting cows

I made great progress machine quilting the cow quilt. I am halfway done!

The agenda for the weekend is finishing this cow quilt, working on the ocean quilt, and getting the master bedroom painted. If I have enough energy and time I need to start the studio renovation. My brother is coming over to do some work and I would like him to help me install the new lights I bought months and months ago. I need to paint the ceiling before the lights go in. Before painting the ceiling I need to remove some butt ugly striped wallpaper off the walls - see how one thing leads into another? The first thing I will have to do is take down one of the design walls and remove anything I can from the room while still leaving what I need so I can still sew. I figure I will be updating half the room at a time in order to keep the sewing space functional.

Have a great weekend!

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