Monday, May 12, 2014

Car, cow quilt and gardening

Saturday I drove to my hometown and got a new muffler for the car. The car is so much quieter now! While I was at it I stopped at a Auto Zone and bought new windshield wipers. One of wipers on the car had a tear and it has needed replace for quite awhile. The lady at Auto Zone even put the new ones on for me! While I was in Dover I met up with my friend, had breakfast and then headed over to the quilt shop. The lady is closing the brick and mortar and going to just sell on-line so regular priced fabric was 20% off and clearance fabric was 40% off.

I bought these fabrics to go with the previous ones.

I picked up a few more Halloween fabrics. It would have been easy to buy a lot more, but I restrained myself.

On Sunday I got the cow quilt all sewn together, pinned basted and now it is ready for quilting.

I worked in the yard 2 1/2 hours to get my canna rhizomes planted. Here are the rhizomes in the bags I stored them in all winter. With the leaves poking out of the bags and I think they were telling me they were ready to be planted!

Here is the bed before I dug a trench to plant the canna.

Here is how it looks now with sweet peat as the mulch.

I was happy to see my Candy Cane Zinnia are coming up! I don't have the best of luck growing plants from seeds. I also have Envy Zinnias, which are green, sprouting too! The Shasta Daises have not come up yet. It rained early this morning so Mother Nature is helping me keep these alive!

I spend a lot of time yesterday washing and pressing all the fabric I have bought recently. I have a desk in my fabric storage room that I now have groups of fabric stacked together for quilts that need to be made. From left to right, Halloween - can you believe how much I have? That is for three quilts. The next are for an anniversary quilt - the peacock colors, and the next pile are the American Made Brand for a challenge that I would like to enter. I have a lot of sewing to do!


Vicki W said...

At least you have a little extra storage room from the homespun!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

LOL! I think you now have me beat on fabric buying this month! I am glad I am no longer in the lead!