Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Four days of hard work

I spent the majority of my four day weekend working on the house although I did get some sewing done. I needed to clean up the piles of paperwork I had in several locations. I came up with a pile for shredding, one for recycling, and filed what was left. Here is my shredding pile. I was glad to get that job done.

Since my brother is coming over in a couple of weeks to help me do some house things I can't do my myself it was time for me to prepare for that. There are things I can do that need done before he comes. I got the drywall mud bucket out and patched up several areas
Here is the entry into the master bedroom that needed mudded

Here it is after three coats of mud. I will sand it down and fill in any areas if need be.

There was a crack in the bedroom so I taped and mudded it after I put a final coat of paint on the crown molding, window trim, and door trim. After sanding and priming I can finally put a finish coat of paint on the walls.

Then I moved the mud bucket to the living room. Taping and mudding done. Sanding and priming next then I can finally finish painting the living room

Meantime I was cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. I also filled in nail holes in trim in the living room, sorted out my tools that were scattered in the living room, sealed the floor grout in the master bathroom, and vacuumed the house. I now have a list (the one on the left) of things I need to get done before Mike comes and the list on the right of things for him to help me with. I am going to be busy.

When I was cleaning I found a sewing machine cover that was my Mom's. I threw it in the was and it is now on my machine.

I did get the ocean sewn together and all the rows attached. I then sewed together the units for the beach.

Here is a close up shot so you can see some of the novelty fabric I used for the beach - yes there are lobsters, clams, flamingos, surf boards, footprints in the sand and more.

Throw in mowing grass, grocery shopping, and a trip to the home improvement store and I was tired, but was happy I got so much done.

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