Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A busy evening

Last evening I sewed together two blocks left over from Homespun #4. They will go into Homespun #5 someday.

Dyed a couple pieces of fabric for different projects. Here they are still soaking until I wash them.

Laid out the group of fabrics I have been collecting for a project.

Cut some FQ pieces to send to Glen for her spool quilt.

Then I went outside at 7 p.m. to mow the grass. I got the front and one of the sides done and I was drenched. It was so humid with all the rain we have been having. I couldn't get the mower to start again so I gave up on mowing the back.

Well, then all heck broke loose. All I could think about is a song by Iron Maiden "Run to the Hills! Run for your lives!" The storms were rolling in. I was surprised that my satellite didn't go out. It usually does in just a little rainstorm. Here is the storm headed for Akron.

We had tornado warnings shown in the purple boxes. This does not bother me. I lived in Northern Indiana when I was a kid and severe storms and tornadoes were common.

Here there was some circulation just west of where I live. I live between where the map shows Fairlawn and North Akron.

Then it just keep getting closer. Pretty soon it was pouring down rain. There was lots of lighting and thunder. It was now about 9:15. At 9:25 the satellite went down so I decided to go to bed. The rain was easing up a bit by 9;45. This morning the guys said we got 1.33 inches in 45 minutes.

I was up at 3:30 and looked out the front window. All was quiet and there was a big ol' moon hanging in the sky.

The weather service is calling for rain almost every day for the next 5 days. I don't know if I will ever be able to cut the grass in the backyard. It is already very tall!

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

That was some storm you had! We used to lose electricity every time a storm came through. But somewhere they fixed something and we don't anymore. You dye project looks fabulous. Can't wait to see what that ends up to be!