Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fabric and Bubba a.k.a the fawn

Hancock's of Paducah was having a sale so I thought I would see if there was anything I had to have. I found a few pieces that go with other fabric I have to make cute step zig zag baby quilts.

A couple of black and white prints that were on sale that I could not resist!

I needed this fabric when I made the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal quilt a couple of weeks ago. It is an Alexander Henry's "go big or go home". I love it. I would have bought more than a yard if it had been on sale.

Here is Bubba chillin' between the neighbor's fence and my compost pile. I mowed and weed wacked last night starting about 7 p.m. and it stayed there the whole time. I didn't mow this area - the mower scares Bubba, but it didn't seem to mind the weed wacker. I saw Bubba and his mom this morning at 5:30 a.m. I think breakfast was over and she was grooming Bubba for the day. By the way, it was miserably hot and humid last evening mowing - it took the wind out of my sail! Today is suppose to be less humid - whatever that means - and only in the upper 80's. It was 91 degrees here yesterday!

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