Thursday, June 2, 2011

The power of words

It was time to change the piece hanging behind my desk. Here is the piece that hung in May. I did not get many comments or questions about it. Mostly it was the look on people's faces that were saying to me - what the heck is that?

Here is the new piece I hung for the month of June and so far I have had a lot of comments and questions on what the piece is about. I like that. Once I explain the nuiances of the piece and tell them who Thor Hushovd is, I get the ok that's kind of cool look. What I have learned is people like the piece with the words on it. Yes, they couldn't pronounce the man's name and I needed to explain what the other information that was stamped on meant, but it made people stop and ask questions. I think I will use more words in my future pieces.

I haven't worked on this series for awhile and I need to get back to it. With the professional bicycling season in full swing right now maybe I will get some inspiration! Of course with all the quilts I have on my list that need done now the series again is taking a backseat.

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Check out the latest issue of quilting arts. I thought of you when I saw the athletic figures quilts. Glen