Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Moving ahead

I spent some time last night and this morning getting the house cleaned up for company tonight. The woman that I have been helping to guide her in making her first baby quilt is ready to have another session of instruction. I have no idea where she is at in the construction, but we will work with whatever point she is at. I got the table cleared off and have my next project sitting on the table and ready to go.

Here is some fabric I received in the mail yesterday. It is 100% cotton and made in Hawaii. It is part of the project I am going to be working on over the 4th.

I need to vent. Blogger is a pain since they changed it. I will go thru the process of uploading a photo and it doesn't appear so I have to try again. I had gotten use to writing my blogs in reverse so now I have to re-adjust my brain as the pictures now load the opposite. My brain is slow in the morning and all the extra thinking is hard early in the morning! I guess I will get use to it eventually until they change it again! :)

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