Monday, June 20, 2011

What a crazy three days

I left work on Thrusday and headed to New Philadephia to stay overnight at my friend's house as we were going to the NQA show in Columbus, Ohio on Friday. Well, on Thrursday afternoon I broke out in a rash on my neck and face. I don't know why - everyone has asked me the same questions and if I knew why I broke out believe me I would tell you. My neck got red and my face was not far behind. It felt like a bad sunburn. As soon as I got to her house we went and got some Benadryl.

We got up about 6:30 to get ready to catch the bus. When I got up my face was swollen, puffy, and I looked really bad! By the time we got on the bus the swelling had gone done a bit, but I wasn't going to let it stop me. More Benadryl please! Put on dark glasses to cover the face!

The bus passed the corporate headquarters for Longerburger baskets on the way to Columbus, and yes, the building looks like a basket. It is huge!

My friend bought a fat quarter package of 12 Australian prints to make this quilt.

This is what I bought at the NQA show. The african print was in the half price box, so I got 2 yards for $5.00! Superior Thread had a big display and there was a very nice lady who help me figure out what I needed. I wish I could have bought more!

My friend that I went to the NQA show gave me this cute pincushion. She also gave me a copy of the directions so I could make some. Very easy to make.

As soon as the bus got back to New Philadelphia, I jumped into the car and headed to Akron for the opening of the Paula Nadelstern exhibit. I talked to the CEO of the museum and he said that Paula was brought to tears when she saw her quilts. She was so thrilled with the way they were displayed. I wish I could show you pictures, but no photos are allowed. The museum staff had repainted the walls from the Escher exhibit (earth colors to soft white and black) and the signage was beautiful. There are about 20 pieces in the exhibit. I got to meet Paula and we had about a 5 minute conversation. She was easy to talk to and I think we could have talked for hours. I left the museum about 9 p.m. and I was beat!

Saturday I unpacked, did laundry, quilted a bit, and an x-cousin came over with two bags of clothes that need alterations. At 4:00 p.m. I headed over to a bar and grille to hear my nephew's band play. I got kudos for brings frozen towels for the kids. Even though the place was air conditioned, they work hard and get hot. I helped load up equipment and was home at 10 p.m.

I thought someone was knocking at the door Sunday morning - it was this crazy woodpecker pecking at my rotting deck looking for lunch.

On Sunday I worked on the baseball t-shirt quilt in the morning and evening. I have all the t-shirt squares quilted and the border is quilted. I still need to quilt the sashing between the blocks.

Sunday afternoon I went to Paula Nadelstern's lecture at the Akron Art Museum. She talked for about 40 minutes then she went to the museum shop to sign anything you wanted.
A neighbor came over about 6 p.m. with a suit that needed altered - pants and jacket sleeves needed shortened. One more thing to do!

While I quilted Sunday evening I watched a couple stages of the Tour of Suisse that I taped while I was away and watched the live broadcase of the last stage of the race. Congratulations to Levi Leipheimer of team RadioShack for his win!

I received this picture this morning from my nephew of the wedding quilt on their bed. They already had the blue pillows - something I did not know. Me using blue in this quilt was just fate!

I need a nap!


Vicki W said...

You are the busiest person I know! Glad you got to see the PN exhibit, she is a lovely person.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

So did you ever figure out what the rash was from? I carry benedryl strips. Fast disloving, you don't have to worry about heat or cold affecting the pills and you don't have to swallow!

Love the wedding quilt on their bed.

And the pin cushion is adorable!


Vicki W said...

I think your bird is either a Downy Woodpecker ( or a Hairy Woodpecker (
They are hard to tell apart.