Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bubba was back

When I got up this morning at 5:30 I looked out the window and saw mom and Bubba resting in the backyard. Bubba has grown! I tried taking a picture, but it was just too dark. Not much sewing going on. I was so tired yesterday that instead of reading on my lunch hour while sitting in my car, I fell asleep!
One of the women at the art museum is trying to sell these blocks. The sunbonnet Sue blocks are very nicely done and the extra black stitching around the pieces is lovely. A couple of the 30 blocks have brown staining. The basket blocks are hand pieced - so so - and there are lots of colors. The fabric used in the background is not the best quality. They were made by her grandmother, but these are desperate times.

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I understand and am sorry she is selling her grandmother's blocks. My daughter is not "emotionally tied" to anything of mine, so I am sure when I am dead and gone all my "stuff" will be on the auction block too!