Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How about some cheese to go with that wine

Remeber this picture from last month? Peter Segan won a stage in the Tour of California and one of his prizes was this HUGE bottle of wine.

Now this made me laugh. Peter won the 3rd stage of the Tour de Suisse yesterday and look what one of his prizes was - and HUGE wheel of cheese! Now he the fixings for a party with 50 of his closest friends!

I switched projects last night and decided I needed to get the hand quilting done on the piece I made with my volunteer t-shirts from the art museum. It was easy to watch the Tour de Suisse (Switzerland) while I stitched, but not so easy to watch a movie about Coco Chanel that had subtitles while stitching. I need to get this piece done.

I did take a moment last evening - which was beautiful - to see what had bloomed. I need to make sure I check the daylillies every evening for the next several months and cover any that are shooting up flowers. I will need to cover those plants so the deer don't eat all the flowers again.

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Too funny about the wine and cheese!

Day lilies are gorgeous.