Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Still in crazytown

After work I just wanted to go home, watch Ricky on Oprah and get some sewing done. That's is not what happened. I was watching Oprah and the screen on the TV went green and wavy. I thought I would turn it off and turn it back on, but when I turned it off I heard a crack and then there was a nasty smell. I unplugged the TV and it was toast. My 1995 Zenith died. I called my brother and told him I had no idea what to buy - TV have change a lot from 1995 and my Zenith was a tube TV. He volunteered to go with me so we headed to Best Buy. He told me what I needed, so I paid for it and he installed it. Thank goodness he installed it! I would have never figured it out! So by the time I took him back home it was 9 p.m. Lets just say no sewing happened. There are no pictures because I forgot my camera at work.
One good part is that by the time I get my credit card bill for the TV, I will have had three paychecks. So I will redo my budget for the next three paychecks and paying for the new TV won't hurt too bad. See there is still sunshine in crazytown!

Then this morning I get to work and found that I forgot my toast I had made for my breakfast. I think I am losing my mind! At least I have some other food so I won't go hungry until lunch. So now I have lost one more day of working on my show for the library. I am going to try again tonight to get something done if it is the last thing I do!

Atlanta Thread and Supply had a sale on thread so here is what I bought. I needed to add to my stash especially some colors for clothing alterations.


Vicki W said...

We keep our TVs until they blow up too. I hate it when it happens when I really want to watch something. Why can't it blow up during the news?

patty a. said...


You always make me laugh! Blow up during the news - too funny!