Monday, November 1, 2010

Productive weekend

I tried not to goof off this weekend. I went to get my sticker for the car and while I was waiting I got a call from the lady that cuts my hair wondering where I was. Shoot! I forgot my appointment. I was almost halfway to the salon, so she said she wasn't busy so I busted tail. I got back home about 11 and got to work.

I put together this zig zag quilt. I wanted to really show off the fabrics so I cut the strips at 6" wide. It turned out a little bigger than what I wanted, but then again I just started sewing and let the size turn out to whatever it would be. I may put a border on this to make it more of a twin size. My design wall is made of 4' x 8' sheets of insulation board so you get an idea of what size it turned out.

I have had this piece sewn together for awhile. I trimmed and pin basted it, so now it is ready for the quilting. I want to get this one done for my exhibit.

I got the binding machine sewn on this piece that will be going in my exhibit. The hand stitching will take me about an hour, but I am glad to be this far.

Then I finally put the binding on this piece. I made a couple of these several years ago, but I never got around to finishing this one. I still need to hand stitch the binding on. I don't remember why I made several of these except my sister wanted some for the fire department thus explains the fabric I used on the back. If anyone is interested, I will sell it and put the money in the car pot.

I am hanging my show over Thanksgiving, so I have twenty-five days to get ready. I need to make a list.

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