Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Productive evening

After I got home from work I hemmed two pairs of pants for a neighbor - a little more to add the car kitty. I threw some towels in the wash, then did the handstitching on the Garmin piece while I watched Oprah and the beginning with DWTS. I had been up since 4:45 am so I was getting tired and headed for bed around 8:45. I was up so early because I had to go to Home Depot and pay my bill and pick up my brother's mail at the p.o. before work. The Garmin piece is about 38" x 44". The blue fabric is a piece of wrapped shibori I did and the orange is low water immersion.

This morning I was up early and had a little bit of time to start quilting the small 9 1/2 x 12 1/2 pieces.

When I visited my son the other day, he asked me to fix the quilt I made him when he graduated from high school. His dog, a boxer, had done a little chewing on it. I still have some of the same fabric I used on the back and for the sashing. The batting was polyester and has just about disappeared. I am debating on whether to just take it apart and repair the damage or rip out all the quilting (it is not quilted heavy) and put in new batting and requilt it. It doesn't need to be done right away - just something to do in my spare time!

After work I am going to the library to measure the wall space so I can put together a plan for the exhibit. I need to spend some time in the yard this week and get my cannas dug up before the ground freezes. The weather this week is going to be near 60 all week. Highly unusual for northern Ohio.


Vicki W said...

Can't you just make him a new one? That would be more fun and easier!

Exuberant Color said...

I really like this quilt, soothing even though opposites on the color wheel, and good balance in the design.

I would just repair your son's quilt if anything because the dog will probably just do it again. My son's dogs have chewed up every quilt in the house so they aren't getting any more....discount store blankets for them.

We are having the same weather as you. I got the forsythia bush trimmed down. I know I should have done it earlier in the season, but well, you know.........