Friday, November 19, 2010

Now where did I put that?

Last night was a mish mash of tasks. I measured all the pieces I am going to be hanging so I can get some wood for hanging them. I was looking then for two things - my Keim wood trim catalogue for one of the men at work and my bill from when I had my oil changed in October. I found the bill, but not the catalogue.

I wanted the bill because they always do a Multi-point check on the car. Well the boxes for the struts and components is marked in the green ok box when I had the car in to get the oil changed on Oct.5. So five weeks later the strut is completely rusted thru and breaks? When I pick up the car tonight, I am going to have a conversation with the service guys and discuss how disappointed I am with their inspection. After all if they would have told me there was a problem, I would have gotten it fixed before it broke so I would not be without a car for almost 4 days. Sounds like someone at the shop needs retrained!

Here is the before of the right side of the garage.

Here is the after of the right side of the garage. The big box has t-shirts that I need to make a quilt out of for the rec center. My brother is highly involved in the baseball program for little kids and these t-shirt were left over from years past. He thinks a lot of the woman that runs the program and thought it would be cool to have a quilt made from the shirts that could hang in the rec center. One more thing to do - by the way this is a freebe job. I also have two boxes of stuff from work that needs shredded. We don't have a shredder so I have been storing it for quite awhile until I can deal with it.

Here is the left side of the garage which I did not have time to deal with last evening. I wanted to show you this so you didn't think I was some kind of superwoman - yes there is still work to be done! The blue buckets have my canna rizomes in them and I need to get those wrapped up and taken in the house before it gets any colder. There is also two doors that I painted and need rehung, my vanity for the upstairs bathroom, and miscellaneous renovation supplies etc.

I am going to be spending all weekend getting my pieces ready for the exhibit so the finishing the garage cleanup will have to wait until next weekend. Have a great weekend!

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Vicki W said...

Our garage is such a mess that I will not walk into it. It's detached and I consider it as Chris' man cave. I stay out!