Friday, November 5, 2010

Moving forward

I made a little more progress on the Garmin piece.

I spent most of my evening in the kitchen last night doing dishes, making stuffed shell and elderberry syrup. The shells are for my lunches and I am taking a pan of them down to my son's for dinner tonight if the weather stays rainy. He works at a golf course and since it has been rainy and cold, there should not be many if any golfer that show up today. The greens are going to be soaked and they wouldn't want golfers on them anyway. That means he will get home early so I can go visit and take him dinner.

I also made some elderberry and honey syrup that is suppose to keep you from getting sick. I found the information on brown robin's blog. I need to ask her a couple of questions though. I didn't see in the instructions if you were suppose to keep the lid on the pan when you simmer the berries. I lost quite a bit of water thru evaporation and my syrup's yeild thus was lower. It tastes like a blueberry flavored honey.

The weekend is going to be a busy one. Of course like I stated above I am heading to my son's for dinner tonight if everything works out weather wise, then Sunday I am suppose to go to the art museum with my brother, his wife and my nephew to see the "Who Shot Rock n' Roll" exhibit. Other than that I will be working on my pieces for the exhibit and I have a bunch of alterations to do. I should throw in a little laundry and house cleaning somewhere! Have a great weekend.

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