Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thank you

for all your get well wishes. I still don't feel great, but I do feel a bit better. I have felt so bad I have not had the strength to do anything except look at a few magazines I borrowed from the library.
I went to work yesterday because we had a progress meeting at 8 a.m. then after the meeting I went home to bed. I did manage to roast a butternut squash so I would have something to eat for lunch today and I thawed out and drank some homemade chicken bone broth.

Being sick has put me way behind on getting the wool quilt done. I now have 14 days to get it finish and I am also behind on moving out of the trailer at work. I am just going to have to pace myself carefully and do what I can.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

15th finish for 2017

I went home sick yesterday. I sat in front of my electric heater and fell asleep for a couple hours. I didn't have the energy to work on the back for the wool quilt so I figured I could sit and at least finish sewing the binding on the linen quilt. So my 15th finish is the linen quilt. It turned out 40" x 51.5". The back is also linen.

I still don't feel great. I have the typical cold symptoms: a cough and, runny and stuffy nose. I really didn't need this to slow me down. I now only have 16 days to get the wool quilt done.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Wool quilt top and what a party

I got the top sewn together for the wool quilt.

I still have a stack of wool pieces leftover, but the stack is much smaller!

The blanket for the backing is smaller than the top. I found two pieces of gray wool yardage in my stash. I gently washed and dried them. I will use them to add on to the blanket to make it big enough for the back.

I fixed two of my nephew's amp covers and a t-shirt.
I headed over to their house on Sunday afternoon to go to a birthday party/gig. A fellow rents the Kent Stage every year and throws himself a big birthday party with bands playing and lots of food and drink. People bring food and beverages too. Here is my nephew's band performing.

I feel lousy with this head cold. I tried to be careful not to contaminate anyone.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Cutting away for the wool quilt

I was very tired when I got home from work last evening. I was up later than usual on Wednesday night visiting with a brother from out of town so yesterday was tough. I eventually got myself moving to start sorting out the pieces and parts I have had squirreled away for this quilt to see where I left off. I found 7 blocks ready to go. Here they are on the top row and one at the side. I am laying out the quilt with the length of the quilt being horizontal. It will be 9 blocks wide by 13 7" blocks long.

To cut pieces out of the men's suiting samples I just stacked them. There are holes at one end of each piece and some glue residue at one of the bottom corners where the paper labels were so I have to cut the strips out of the center. Here is the pile I have cut

and here is the pile I have left to work with

I have no idea how many strips I have cut, but I do know I need to make 62 more blocks. With three strips in a block I need 186 strips. I don't think I have that many cut yet so I will cut a bunch more before I start sewing them together.

I did see this beautiful little fellow looking for bugs in my rotten deck last evening. I think it is a woodpecker, but I am not sure. He was only looking around for a few minutes, but he was sure fun to watch.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Time to catch up

I was not in the mood to post yesterday so today's post will be kind of long.

I got pictures of the two cute tote bags I made the other day.

I got the binding on the linen quilt and have started hand stitching it on.

I went over to my brother's house for dinner last evening and to visit with another brother who was in town. I had taken my R.E.M. piece over so he could see it in person. He thought I had done a great job on it and reminisced as he looked at the shirts. While I was there my SIL gave me new t-shirts to wear for my job at the merchandise booth. Since we sold out all the shirts in September, Michael had to order more. The blue has a design on one side and the black one has a designed on both sides. We have a gig on Sunday so I need to be wearing the new design.

My brother who was in town had asked me at least 5 years ago to make a wool quilt for his bunk on the bus when he travels with different bands. For the last four years he would fly to each show, but the fellow he is with now will be using buses. After looking and looking, I finally found the top I had started years ago and is on my UFO list. The majority of the wool is lightweight men's suiting samples. I had taken the sample books apart and washed the pieces. The blocks finish at 7". Here is the top so far

He finally told me what size to make so now I have to get this done. I hope to get to go to the show in Toledo on November 3 and I can then hand it over to him. I found the wool bat and the backing which is an old wool hospital military blanket. We didn't have much money growing up and my grandfather, who worked as a civilian at the Great Lakes Naval Base, would bring up discarded blankets - the green ones as well as the white ones that were used in the hospital. Of course over the years the blanket is no longer white and it has a hole or two in it , but it is very sentimental to my brother and now it will have a use. I also saved a couple pairs of our Dad's wool pants when we were cleaning out his home after he died two and a half years ago. I wanted to incorporate some of that wool in this quilt. I will be using that wool for the binding. So I will be dropping everything to get this quilt done in the next 21 days.

I made a batch of cookie dough before I went over to my brother's and put it in the fridge. I was up early and baked the cookies this morning for the guys at work. We have a big day today on site and I thought this would help give them a bit of a boost. They taste really good if I say so myself!

This morning we have some visitors to the site - Canada goose. There must be at least 20 of them. You can also see the slight bit of green which means the grass seed they planted last Thursday is growing!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

On to the binding

I finished quilting the linen quilt and got the binding cut and pressed. I had to draw lines around the quilt for the binding as the edges were uneven. With linen there is no sense straightening the edges beforehand since the linen moves a lot during the quilting process. It is just easier to square it up after quilting.

Monday, October 9, 2017

High Art Prize winner and the UFO

I had one crazy busy weekend. Saturday I had to drive to Dover to the credit union to sign the paperwork to refinance my car. By the time I got back home I did have much time to do anything as I had to get ready to go down to the award ceremony for the High Art Prize.

The winner of visual arts - the carved stick by the same guy who won in 2015. I guess he recruited his fellow church member to vote for him again. Let's just say I am not the only person that was disgusted by this. I think they need to revise this rule:

•Artists who have won and received the first place prize two consecutive years may enter but cannot win first place three consecutive years

As far as I can tell, unless someone at the High Arts Prize decides he has broke this rule: •The High Arts Festival may disqualify any Entry if it determines, in its sole discretion, that (ii) an Artist acts in a manner that is not fair or equitable - I guess they are stuck with a guy that will be the first place winner of $5,000 if he is entered.

I noticed that the amount of professional pieces was a lot less than what I have seen in past years and I think this is due to the stick fellow's actions. Many artists including the students from the local college, don't have the amount of people needed be to recruited to ever win this event. I believe this fellow's actions have shown a lack of integrity, fairness, and a disregard for the spirit that the event was designed.

I know going into this event that what I do will never win and I am fine with that. I just think it is so sad that there was work that artist's had entered that was deserving to win more than the carved stick.

Sunday I had two tote bags I need to make to hold birthday presents. Of course I forgot to take pictures of them. They turned out so cute. I then got ready and headed over to pick up my R.E.M., picked up my SIL, then headed to a birthday lunch at one of those places where the fellow cooks your meal on a flat top. It was a lot of fun as the chef would toss rice for you to catch in your mouth and squirt sake in your mouth. The food was so good.

Once I finally got back home I sat and quilted on the linen quilt waiting for the ballgame to come on. I am 90% done with it.