Thursday, July 19, 2018

One more box

I need one more box of gravel rocks to finish stoning the area around the A/C condenser and then I am done hauling rocks home from work! I will get those tomorrow morning because I was running behind this morning and didn't have time to load up the car. I did load up the file box yesterday morning and also a wastebasket with the gravel rocks. There must have been about 150 pounds of rocks in those two containers.

I went around and gathered some smaller flatter rocks to make a border on the left then filled in with the gravel rocks. Here is the before and the current state

I will be glad to have this phase of my landscaping project done. I did roll those bigger rocks closer to there final position too. Here is where they are sitting now

I need to get this rock over to the Lenten rose bed. It doesn't roll because it has a flat bottom. I have a few feet to go to get it over to where those other big rock are at.

I was thinking last night while I was rolling rocks why I don't seem to get much done in the evenings then I came up with some numbers. I spend at least 12 hours a day getting ready for work, driving to work, and being at work. Throw in 8 to 8 1/2 hours of sleep that leaves 3 1/2 to 4 hours a day for everything else - dinner, cooking, cleaning, getting ready for bed, sitting and relaxing for a bit, and rolling rocks (LOL!!). Work really is interfering with my sewing production.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Could it get worse?

Sorry about the crabby reports about work. I left yesterday after 9 1/2 hours and my boss gave me a look like "your leaving already?" I brought the only thermometer I had and this is what it read. Looks like at least to 90 to me.

Then if that wasn't enough the subcontractors putting up the studs scrap off the fireproofing and just let it fall everywhere.
When I got back to my desk after a couple of meetings everything on my desk was covered with fireproofing - my papers were covered, my nut crackers were covered, my computer was covered. This is my desk after I moved all my paperwork off.

I hit the roof and started yelling at the subs about their behavior which I have already talked to them about last week. My boss said to me "well they will make messes." WHAT? She is the one who constantly complains about the guys making messes and dragging stuff all over the hospital, but I get upset about the mess they made and she defends the subs? I am confused! What messes are ok and what messes aren't?

This morning it is 60 degrees outside and here is the temperature in the construction space - looks like 80 to me. Better than 90 but still hot without a fan blowing.

I didn't get anything done last night. I had a hair appointment so by the time I got home it was 7 p.m. Maybe tonight I can get something done.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The heat is on

I survived day one in the non air conditioned construction zone. It had to have been between 85 and 90. I have my own box fan and it keeps the air moving, but it blows my papers around and draws the dirt in my direction. I just feel dirty all day long. It is not suppose to be as hot today and we have a pre-install meeting in an AIR CCONDITIONED ROOM so even though the meeting will be boring, I will at least be cool. Another thing I have to do is wear ear plugs all day long. The noise of them cutting metal studs with a chop saw is deafening. Just them dropping the studs on the floor rattles my teeth. By the end of the day my ears hurt from the ear plugs.

I was beat when I got home, but took the beef and water I had in the crock pot all day, transferred it to a pot on the stove, and made vegetable soup. I had some for breakfast and it was really good!

This morning I was up early and had time to sew together one of the equipment covers I had cut out a few weeks ago. This one is for the keyboard player's amp. I know it doesn't look like much so I will try to get a picture of it on the amp.

Monday, July 16, 2018

The weekend

I was so tired all weekend I didn't get much done and it was too hot and humid to do much outside.

I did work on finishing this cover for my brother. My zippers arrived that I had ordered and they were the perfect length. The zippered flap is so that the cover can be on the guitars, but so my brother can have access. I will post a picture of it on the guitars. It took me four hours to install the zippers, make the piece that goes at the end of the flap, top stitch the seams, and hem it. I had to take out the side seams first so I could install the zippers then sew it back together. I topstitched the seams to give the cover a bit more structure.

Peter is still in the green jersey.

I did move a few rocks. I now have the cora bell bed ready for me to pull out the plants, add more dirt to change the elevation so the water runs away from the garage then reinstall the plants. I also have some cora bells at the back of the house that I will transplant into this new bed. I also got a few more rocks mnoved to the new shade garden bed. I have picked all the rocks I can from the site except for the egg sized and gravel rocks. One of the construction guys told me about a place close by where they have lots of rocks and I can pick what I want so I may have to go there to get a few to finish out my grand plan.

I am not a happy camper. I was forced to move out of the room I was in and had to move up where they are doing construction. There is no air conditioning and it is dirty. I never signed up for this. I have a box fan I brought that at least moves the air around. This reminds me of when I was a kid and we had no A/C. I hate the heat, I hate summer, and it is going to be miserable. I wish I could retire. Here is my spot before, where I am now, and the view from my desk.

I did see the twins and momma out grazing in the backyard. Then the fawn moved to the front yard.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Thank goodness it is Friday

I thought I had my blog fixed so the comments showed up in my gmail first and then I published them. Before blogger changed something that is they way comments worked which gave me an opportunity to get chatty with you directly. Well, what I did to fix the problem did not fix the problem so I will say thank you for all your support on my crazy posts with the rocks!

I was tired last evening and my face hurt. Why you may ask? I had to go out and help a group of people from my company to direct traffic while the subcontractor placed curb yesterday. We had to close down the road to one lane so we directed traffic down the one lane for cars going in and out of the parking lots. Here is the new curbing and the subcontractors installing more this morning.

Even with sun protection two hours out in the sun and my face and part of my neck got sunburned. I was not a happy camper as I stay out of the sunshine when the UV index is over 3 if at all possible. I got a cup of ice and made a cold pack to put on my face as I worked the rest of the day. I told my boss about it so that if we have to close down the road again - which I know we will - I have a reason not to help. I was lucky I had a small patch of shade, but the reflection of the UV rays off the asphalt is what got me. My face is better this morning, but I can still feel it.

My order for more car cover fabric came. Yes, I use all 20 yards of that order I got a few weeks ago for covers for my nephew. This time I bought 30 yards.

My brother decided he wants covers for the PA speakers and the monitors which both are expensive pieces of equipment. I need to make two of each. That is one of the jobs I will be tackling this weekend.

Of course I watched the TDF while I rested after work. Peter is still in the green jersey. He is going to break the record for the most days wearing the green jersey by any rider. He is still young so he could set a record that would be hard for anyone to beat.

After that it was time to unload rocks. I had brought home a bucket of egg sized rocks and a file box of the gravel rocks.

I dumped both of those around the A/C condenser and decided I need to make a transition between that and the Lenten rose bed right beside it. I went and gathered up all the flatter rocks I could find around the yard and in the pile of rocks I still have in the driveway. I will need a few more gravel rocks! LOL!!!

I had two big rocks that I cannot pick up that need to go out back for the edging for the Lenten rose bed.

I rolled them down the side yard hill

And here is where they sit now. I need to get them over across the back yard way down to that bed in the far background. I figure I will just roll them a few feet every time I am out back and eventually I will get them where I want them. Just like you said Swooze - inch by inch!

I was able to get a few more medium rocks this morning so my goal this weekend is to place as many as I can to figure out if I finally have enough. I sure hope so then I can quit going to work so early and get back to sewing!

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Stitching, rocks, and the TDF

While watching the TDF last evening I did get some stitching done. In fact I got the border done on this t-shirt. I am making some good progress on this piece!

Here is my rock haul for yesterday.

I have made excellent progress in getting my flower beds edged and am almost done with several of them. Here is the current state of the new shade bed
This is the cora bell bed. That big rock off to the side will need to be rolled to the back bed of Lenten roses
The Lenten rose bed

I will keep hauling home the gravel rocks and egg sized rocks until I have enough to fill in around the A/C condenser. It is getting filled in nicely one file box and one bucket at a time! The area where I am getting these rocks is going to be demolished in 2 to 3 weeks so I have to try and haul some home every day I can.

My plan on Saturday morning is to get up early and work on the front flower bed so I can get these coneflowers planted that I bought last week. The heat and humidity is forecasted to arrive Saturday afternoon so I want to get some work done before that happens.

My favorite rider, Peter Segan, won yesterday's stage at the TDF. He had a big smile on his face when he crossed the finish line.

He is leading the green jersey competition with the most sprint points too.