Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Another project started and a horrible crash

My next project is a baby quilt for the bass player in my nephew's band. Michael always introduces him as the motorcycle minister because he rides a motorcycle and is a part time minister. There was some reason the universe was telling me to buy that pink fabric with the skull and crossbones a while ago and now the reason has been reveled to me! I improv cut the fabrics and here are the blocks laid out on the design wall. The quilt will look nothing like this when done.

I watched the TDF last evening. I tape the live broadcast and then watch it at lunch and when I get home from work. There was a horrible crash yesterday which involved at least 20 riders that were going 33 - 34 miles an hour. Maybe you saw it on the news last night? The officials stopped the race, which in all my years of watching the tour, I have never seen happened before. The reason why they did this is because all the doctors and ambulances were taking care of the crash victims and if another crash would happen there would be no one to take care of those riders. In fact, shortly after this crash there was another crash, but there were no TV cameras or doctors to take care of those riders. The race was held up for about 18 minutes and then the whole group got rolling again. Three riders had to abandon, broken wrist, either a dislocated shoulder or broken collarbone, and a head injury and bleeding. The bleeding and head injury rider had hit the light pole. The rest of the riders including the yellow jersey picked themselves up and caught up to the stopped riders.
One rider dislocated his shoulder, they popped it back into place, and he got back on his bide and rode to the finish. If you don't finish you don't get to ride the next day. There will be a lot of sore bodies on the road for the next couple of days.

This cloud
dumped a bit of rain last evening, but I was able to go out at 8 p.m. to get the rest of my steps in. It was so humid I could hardly breath.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Quilting, TDF, and mowing OH my!

I spent the majority of my three day weekend quilting the teal and purple quilt and the quilting is done! The blocks in the center took a bit more time to quilt as I had to wrestle with the bulk of the quilt a lot more. I also got the binding cut. Once I get the binding done I will post a full view picture of this quilt.

The Tour de France (TDF) started in the Netherlands on Saturday so I was up early to watch. Saturday was the individual time trial and here is my man, Peter Sagan, waiting for his turn on the course.

On Sunday the tour was still in the Netherlands and finished up on the northern coast of the country on the North Sea. Wow, the scenery makes me want to go to the Netherlands!

Right now Fabian Cancellara, Spartacus (his nickname), is in the yellow.

Andre Greipel, the Gorilla, is in the green sprint point jersey, but my man Peter is second.

And after only two days of racing Peter is also second in the white jersey for the best young rider under 26.

I made sure I took the time to go for a walk everyday this past weekend to get my steps in even though it was hard to tear myself away from the sewing machine. Last night I killed to birds with one stone and finished getting my steps in with mowing. It took me and hour and a half to get the entire yard mowed and I was drenched. The forecast is calling for rain almost every day this upcoming week so I needed to get this job done sooner than later. So far for July I have gotten at least 10,000 steps a day. It is going to take some focus on my part to keep this up with three gigs this month, watching the TDF, and my job. We will see how it goes!

I did start a new project yesterday afternoon after I finished quilting the teal and purple quilt. I will post that tomorrow.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Progress and a three day weekend

I managed to get two more blocks quilted last evening on the teal and purple quilt. That comes to 20 blocks done and 16 to go or 55% quilted.

This morning I checked out my zinnias before leaving for work. Here are the pink ones that are three weeks old. My they have grown!

After about 3 1/2 days the green envy zinnias are already coming up!

I am happy to have a three day weekend. Of course I will work on the teal and purple quilt. I don't have any plans except to stay home and hibernate in the quilting studio.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Progress on the teal and purple quilt

Since I posted on Monday I managed to get three blocks quilted. That means I have 18 out of 36 blocks quilted or 50%!

It poured down rain late yesterday afternoon, but it stopped around 6 p.m. so I was able to go for my walk. It was extremely humid and it was not very enjoyable. I did find 26 cents though.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Yardwork, rockin', and quilting

I did get a bit of sewing done before I left the house on Saturday to help out with the band. We left my brother's house at 1 p.m. and it was almost 9 p.m. before I got home. On our way to the venue we ran into a bit of high water.

We were in the new 12 passenger van pulling an equipment trailer and there was no way my brother could turn that rig around on this narrow rural road. A big pick up truck came the other direction and made it thru the water ok so we knew we could make it in the van. There was a Camaro behind us - I wonder if he made it?

Here the band was getting ready to play. I was off to the right of the stage sitting at the merchandise booth. We sold 24 CD's! That is a lot for us.

I got up early on Sunday headed to the grocery store and then went to work in the yard at 9 a.m. It was raining at times, but I needed to get the flower beds cleaned up. Here is the one side of the center bed before.

After weeding and mulch - much better! I despite the rain, I got the string trimmer out and edged the bed which helped the look of the bed a lot.

Now the other side of the bed - hold on to your hats - it's bad!

Here is what it looks like now.

Now it looks empty, but I did find the pack of green envy zinnias so I planted those

and then I had bought some lavender seeds so they went into the bed

and some coneflowers

and then I took these four packs of California poppies - one of my favorite flowers - mixed the seeds together, and sprinkled them everywhere! All of this should have been done a month ago, but better late than never! Sorry, I can't get the picture to stay right side up.

Then it was on to the front bed. The thistle is awful and I needed to get it out before it bloomed and threw down more seed. I still need to mulch, but it looks a whole lot better than it did!

After 4 1/2 hours I had enough. I walked my squishy, water logged shoes in the garage, closed the door and proceeded to peel off my wet, mud caked clothes. Here are my socks. Will they ever be white again? LOL!!

I did work on the t-shirt a bit. The vertical row at the left is all sewn together. This row will establish the length of the quilt which will be 96".

I also worked on the teal and purple quilt and got 1 and 1/2 blocks quilted. So now I have 15 out of the 36 blocks quilted which is 41.6%.

The weather had cleared up after I came in from working and by 7 it was dry enough I could mow. So I headed back outside. I was so tired I could hardly sleep so today will be challenging!

Friday, June 26, 2015

t-shirt progress, our first gig, and walking Oh my!

I finished cutting up and interfacing the t-shirts for my niece's quilt. I had to take the hem out of the sleeves for the few pieces that had printing on the sleeves, but it didn't take very long. Next will be arranging these and sewing them together into a top.

I had quite a pile of scraps (the stack on the left) and a pile of useable pieces for paint or caulking rags. I had to clean up the studio a bit as there were bits everywhere from cutting these shirts up, but the studio is cleaned up, vacuumed, and ready for this weekend's sewing.

Despite the look of the sky last evening, I went out for my walk to get all my steps in.

I was humid and the temp was in the high 70's so I got all sweaty which I hate.

Tomorrow the band has it's first gig of the year. I have my fingers crossed that is doesn't rain. Since I will have to sit at the merchandise booth for several hours I will be taking my rock t-shirt quilt to work on the stitching I am adding with pearl cotton.

Here are my zinnias after two weeks. They have gotten their second set of leave which I think if I remember correctly is their first set of true leaves. I will have to do some yard work this weekend - mowing and some serious weeding! Right now the forecast has a high Saturday and Sunday in the upper 60s, but there is a possibility of rain both days.

I also want to get back to quilting the teal and purple quilt so I have a busy weekend ahead! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

t-shirts and walking

Last night the humidity was in the 40s - the lowest it has been in a long time - so I needed to get out and walk. I needed to make up some steps that I have missed since it has been either raining or so miserable outside that I could not stand to be outside. I decided to walk over to a house where the dry stack stone walls are being rebuilt. The house was built in 1915 by the Seiberling tire people. It took 3600 steps to get to the beginning of the wall

I pass by this wall every day on my way to work for 11 years and had notice how it was falling apart. Sometimes with the freeze and thaw there would be a blowout and the stones would roll onto the street. The organization that oversees the property is rebuilding the walls. The walls are so beautiful and I am glad to see them getting fixed. So here are probably way too many pictures of the wall and the repairs. The wall runs on two sides of the property and with my steps it was around 1200. Here is the stretch of wall on Garman St. The condition of the wall varies from a single stone popping out of the wall to a blowout or collapse. I don't know how much of the wall is going to be rebuilt.

Around the corner on the Portage Path side of the property the entire wall has been rebuilt except for a small section at the very end that is getting finished up. I did see one stone that had some wonderful carving on it. I don't know if it will be going back into the wall or not. I am surprised no one has taken it to put in their garden.

I took the long way back to the house. I had started out with 4015 steps and ended my day with this:

I did get a few more t-shirt pressed with the interfacing. Here is what the design wall looks like as of this morning.

I have 13 more larger pieces of t-shirt to iron on the interfacing to and a few smaller bits. They are calling for rain tonight so I will probably get these all done tonight.