Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wednesday quilt sale

Every Wednesday I am going to post a quilt for sale. Why you may ask? Yesterday I took my beloved Eclipse into the shop because the battery was on its way out. What ended up happening is the technician pronounced my car terminal and unsafe to drive due to massive rust issues. I am crushed deeply.

I know there are people with bigger problems in this world and some may say it's just a car, but it was my car, my dream car and I loved that car. I had the Eclipse for two weeks shy of 15 years. The Eclipse was cool and it fit me like a glove. So I was stuck having to buy a car on the fly. So as I cried the salesman asked me what I wanted - which I had no idea what I wanted - and showed me cars. What I wanted was my car. Then I had to drive the Eclipse for the last time around the building to remove all my stuff crying the entire time. I ended up with this stupid gray Tucson. They only had black, blue, and gray on hand. So now I need to pay for the stupid thing.

So every Wednesday I am going to post a quilt and you can email me at pattynubs at if you would like to buy it. I will post a price and will be open to counters. If you are someone I don't know I would ask for a casher's check or a money order including $10.00 for postage. Here is my first offering - my Chinese Coin quilt for $200.00. It is 60.5" x 69". If there are any details you want to know just email me.

I couldn't go back to sleep this morning so I was up at 4:30. I finished quilting the blue log cabin and cut the binding.

In conjunction with hopefully selling some quilts, I am also hoping for some commissions. I have one right now. One of the fellows on the jobsite had some feed sacks he wants me to make a quilt out of for his wife. The sacks were very dirty so I had to wash them twice. Once I get them pressed and hung on the design wall I will post a picture. The quilt won't be very big so this should not take me too long.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Hight Arts opening, fabric, work, and baseball

Friday night I attended the opening of the High Arts Prize for a couple hours. I ran into a couple of people I hadn't seen in awhile and talk to a lot of new people. I received a good response from many different people on my R.E.M. piece and it was hung so much better than my pieces were hung the last two years. I couldn't stay the whole time because I needed to go to work on Saturday. I didn't have time to walk around and see all the art, but I will go back and post pictures.

Saturday the asphalt pavers were starting on the base layer for the parking lot, track and basketball court. I stayed for about 5 hours and went home. I went back about 4 just to see how far they had gotten. It was 85 degrees and with hot asphalt, it was quite warm.

I did manage to get that blue and taupe log cabin quilt pin basted, but it was a struggle. I was tired. Sunday I quilted on it all day. I decided to start using up my Sulky rayon thread that I don't use much any more. I did the logs with a variegated cream to taupe thread, the taupe border with a solid matching color, and the blue border I meandered with a blue variegated thread. I had matching solid colored cotton thread in the bobbin.

All I have left to quilt is the taupe and blue border at one end. I had trimmed the blue border down about 1 1/2" before I had pin basted. The border was a bit too wide.

I even managed to find the binding fabric I had chosen 20 years ago for this quilt!

While I quilted I watched the Indians game. Before the game they hung the Central Division Champion flag - they had clinched when Minnesota had lost on Saturday night - and then the players got to celebrate the division win after the game.

My fabric arrived that I ordered from eQuilters. They were having a sale and I found three fabrics with skulls that I could use for the backs of Harley quilts. I bought 6 1/4 yards of each.

For some reason this morning my car wouldn't start - it was just clicking. Time to test the Halo! I had bought a Halo for the portable charging and that it could start a car. I read the instructions, hooked it up and BAM the car started! I will have to investigate why the battery was dead, but I am happy that my investment of buying the Halo paid off.

Friday, September 15, 2017

What a week

It has been a crazy week. I may have electricity in the job site trailer a bit longer than I thought. All the electrical crews are in Texas or Florida helping out to restore power so there are no crews to remove the drop pole where my electricity comes from. I heard on the news last night that the crews are ahead of schedule restoring power in Florida - that is a great thing!

I stopped at the bulk food store which is an hour and 15 minutes away from where I live, to stock up on supplies for baking cookies and pecan pies for xmas. I was at the dentist in the town where I use to live so I figure I might as well stop at the bulk food store. Here is my haul - pecans, almonds, organic raisins, organic oatmeal, brown sugar, a block of chocolate, powdered sugar, and cumin.

By the time I got home I was tired and it was around 5:30. I unloaded the car and got ready to watch the Indians. They showed a picture of the crowd trying to get in the ballpark. This was the middle of the second inning. The lines were at least a block long.

Last night was win 22 in a row! Tonight is the opening of the High Art Prize so I think I will go for a little bit, but I want to get home to see tonight's game and I have to spend some time at work tomorrow. The asphalt guys are starting tomorrow so I have to be there to take some pictures.

This morning I went around the job site and passed out stickers to the contractor's workers. They put them on their hard hats and the stickers put a smile on everyone's face - even the grumpy guys. I have had these sticker for probably more than 15 years. It was time to break them out!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

RIpping done

I finished ripping out the hand quilting and now the top has been separated from the backing. I think I will give then a gentle wash; they are quite dusty. After all this has been a UFO for 20 years!

How about those Indians! 21 in a row!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ripping out basting

While I was watching the
play last night, I tore out basting and batting. Yes, they have won 20 in a row! That polyester stuff doesn't rip all that easy! Next I have to take out the hand basting.

I got the postcard for the High Arts Prize yesterday. I can go down on Friday night and see how my R.E.M. quilt looks hanging in a gallery setting.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

UFO action

I had a very long and exhausting day at work yesterday. I ended up with over 13,000 steps from my many trips out to the job site. There ended up being a problem with a sanitary pipe. The drawing showed the line was connected into an existing line, but it wasn't. After many phone calls, visits from several people, and digging, the contractors fixed the problem so all is good now.

Today could be another wild one. There are two 70' light towers that have to be moved from where the band was practicing while the school was being constructed to the new site where I am working. The streets are narrow and the path the truck has to take is not anywhere near straight.

I was so tired after I got home there wasn't much I had the energy to do. This morning I decided I had a few minutes and thought about all the talk yesterday from Glenda and Swoozie about their UFO lists. I had been working on my UFO for a number of years as I report every month on Vicki Welch's blog. I decided to take a fresh look at it this morning and I am declaring this piece done. It is 35 x39 and was made with a couple of t-shirts and batiks.

I had improv pieced it and machine quilted it. I was adding some pearl cotton hand stitching in the narrow areas I left non machine quilted. As I looked at it, I decided it was quilted enough. In this picture you can see the hand stitching in the gray and the narrow unquilted areas in the blue fabric I had left to do more hand stitching in.

I pulled out this log cabin quilt which I have decided to pull out all the basting and what hand quilting I have done on it. Why? I want to get it done so I am going to machine quilt it and this quilt was basted together before I started using 80/20 batting as this quilt has 100% poly batting. Pulling out all the basting and hand quilting will be a good job to do when I come home exhausted from work.

There is hand quilting only in some of the blocks

Here is the fabric on the back. I just love this fabric.

I look forward to crossing off more completed UFOs off my list. I print out pictures of my UFOs so I can have a visual look at what I need to do. It makes it easier than digging thru a pile.

Monday, September 11, 2017

laid back weekend

I didn't have much of a plan this weekend; just messed around and got a few things done - laundry, dishes, and other little items I just never had the time to get to. I did cut some duck cloth into pieces for tote bags. I had enough for 17.

I sorted thru t-shirts for another quilt, stacked up some mending I need to do for my newphew

and packed up two bins of t-shirts that need to take back to my brother's house. I had gone thru them to pull out the ones for the R.E.M. quilt.

I had ordered some Lock n' Lock from Qvc via automated ordering. They were running a special and it was a really good deal. Well, I must have pushed the wrong button and I ended up with 5 sets!
It would cost too much to send them back so everyone is getting Lock n' Lock for Christmas this year! LOL!! Lesson learned - always open the order received email as soon as I get it so I have time to change my order. Here is what is in each box.

I did go to work a bit on Saturday to do some computer work. I have to move out of the job site trailer and will lose my server. Having the server makes life easier for me. My drives are set up that anything I save automatically goes to the cloud. The custodians found a space for me in the high school and I will have to go thru their internet to download stuff to the cloud. Saving files will be a lot slower.

When I was at work I went out to the car and found this

Now this week it is all about packing stuff up and finding a home for it. It is going to be a long week.