Monday, June 27, 2016

What a weekend!

After work on Friday I stitched on the AC/DC piece, but then the yard was calling me to do something. I hadn't mowed grass in several weeks and it was looking shabby! I can't get the mower started so I decided to weed wack the entire front yard. It took me an hour and a half to do this, but I had no choice. Here is what the yard looked like this morning.

I also received a big box on Firday. I was the Harley t-shirts for the fundraiser quilt. These along with the ones Glenda of quiltswissy. sent me, will make for hopefully a cool quilt.

A friend, Dan, who he and his wife are huge supporters of Michael's band and the area music scene, is coming over today to take my poor sick mower to a repair man that he knows. It is sitting outside waiting to be picked up. Dan thinks is probably dirt in the carburetor. I just hope it can be fixed.

I stitched all day Saturday. I have the cannon almost done. I just have a little more orange stitching on the cannon and some green stitching to add to the support for the cannon.

On Sunday I had to be at my brother's house by 1 to head to the gig. I took my AC/DC piece to try and get a few stitches thrown in while I sat at the merchandise booth. Oh, it was hot. I managed to get a couple of the letters outlined in green. The lilac ones I did on Sunday morning before I left.

The gig was at a lake campground and it was part of the Thunder in the Boro event weekend. Lot of bikers.

The stage this time was the flatbed of the tractor trailer. There was no shade and the guys played for 2 1/2 hours in 90 degree heat.

The crowd was small, but those biker people were loving the music! On a whim, Michael decided asked one of the guys to bring up his bike and rev his bike along to Born to be Wild. It was a hoot!

During the song Michael went down and sat on the bike to do a solo then the crowd moved from their shaded pavilion to come over and take pictures of him wailing on the guitar. After the show I asked Michael about that song and if they had practiced it for the event and he said he has never played that song before. Wow! If you would have heard the band you would have never known that!

We got back to my brother's house a bit after 8 and we were all beat. My brother, SIL, and Michael had gotten back from Nashville at 1 a.m. Sunday morning so they were really tired!

We had Michael's new EP CD to sell at the show. I think we sold around 18. Michael gave me one and a signed framed one for my studio.

Michael also just bought a new stool for the drums. He asked me to make a cover for it to keep it from getting scuffed. I will use the car cover fabric I have and add elastic to hold it on.

I was also gifted this beautiful walnut box from Uncle Frank. I needed someplace to put my pierced earrings and now I have a stunning box to put them in! He is actually my SIL's uncle, but everybody calls him Uncle Frank just like everyone calls me Aunt Patty.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Better picture

I finished up the AC/DC stitching with the cheddar yellow and purple. Here is a better picture of it now that this part is done.

Next I will work on the cannon.

I got a little of the stitching started.

You know what I will be doing this weekend. What are your plans? The weather is forecasted to be nice and I have to see if I can borrow the neighbor's mower or otherwise I will be cutting my lawn with a weed wacker. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bit more done!

Here is what this section looked like when I started

and now here is what it looks like. I usually take my pictures in the morning and the lighting is bad! LOL!! The combination of the cheddar yellow and purple looks pretty cool. I will try to take a better picture tonight after I get this done. Maybe the weather will cooperate and I can take this outside for better lighting.

I received my order from HomeSew yesterday. They had sent me a free shipping coupon. I needed some black quilting thread. If you buy 6 - 3000 yard cones you saved $6.75. Shipping would have cost $6.95 so I saved $13.70. I also didn't have to pay tax which around here would have been $3.98. Add that to the $13.70 and I saved $17.68! I needed the black for t-shirts quilts coming up and I was completely out of black quilting thread. Yes, 12,000 yards is a lot of black quilting thread and a lot of t-shirt quilts, but I do use this thread in the bobbin as well as the top thread. I just wish they carried more colors than black, white, natural, and sand.

Yesterday we live streamed the parade for the Cleveland Cavaliers. I don't follow professional basketball, but when you have moved to LeBron James's home town you hear about basketball. It was crazy in Cleveland for the parade! I took a few pictures off of my computer screen to show you. The national news (NBC) didn't show the sheer magnitude of the humanity that descended on downtown Cleveland. I have been in Cleveland with several large scale events going on at the same time, but this was off the charts!

The beginning of the parade route

People piled in the streets. Cleveland made a huge mistake by not putting up barricades along the parade route. People were in the street blocking the path and the parade took 4 1/2 hours to get to the area they call the mall where the stage was set up. The distance - probably not more than two miles.

People were on roofs and hanging out parking decks to get a look

They were even standing on the on-ramp overpasses

The stadium is where the Cleveland Indians play. The street to the right is 9th Street.

From the top of the picture you can see Lake Erie, the Browns stadium and then the mall area crowded with people and the parade hadn't started yet!

Here is LeBron in the parade. He is wearing the yellow ball cap in the Rolls Royce.

Estimates said there were 1.3 million people that showed up. The only problems were some people got overwhelmed with the heat and the buses and the rapid trains could not hand the crowds. The city had even set up a place for lost kids and entertained them and fed them until their parents tracked them down.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Too many interruptions ...

last evening! What you might ask? My brother called, the neighbor boy texted about coming over to bring me a couple pairs of jeans that needed some repair, my brother called again, the neighbor boy came over and then was interested in a couple of quilts I had laying around so we talked awhile, and had to water the seedlings and ended up talking to the neighbor and her two kids for awhile.

I still managed to get the Ballbreakers shirt done before all the interruptions. Yeah! one done - 18 to go!

I got the colors picked out for the next couple of shirts. I want to make sure each has it own color scheme and not repeat the same colors too closely together. After going back and forth, I finally decided that I would use a golden yellow and lilacs for this shirt. I got the A started.

The shirt to it's right is the back of the shirt and those colors will be

More than likely I will be adding more colors, but this is at least my starting point.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

So close!

The Ballbreaker shirt is almost done. I was so close to being done, but I just ran out of time. I got the date stitched

I added a few stitches around the guitar to hold the center down

And then worked on the border stitching. I decided to try basting a row of stitches to be my guide rather than marking the quilt with tailor's wax. The tailor's wax disappears with heat, but with the shirts being sewn together with free cut edges, it takes a while to measure and draw the lines. With the sewing machine all I have to do is follow the edge of the shirt with the sewing machine foot. This method worked great! The basting came out easy after I was done with the embroidery. I got two of the three sides of the shirt embroidered. I will work on finishing this at lunch and after work. For sure tonight I will get to start on another shirt!

I used three different types of floss for this shirt - DMC cotton floss, DMC satin floss, and DMS sparkle metallic floss. I used three strands of each, but in the future I will only use two strands of the satin and metallic floss. Both of those are a bit harder to stitch with. The satin floss seems thicker so I think two strands will do. The metallic is a stiffer thread that doesn't slide thru the fabric as easy as the cotton floss.

I didn't water last evening because there was a chance of rain. The rain never came so I watered before I left for work. Here is yesterday's picture of the Shasta daisies and this morning's picture. Every day more buds pop open.

This morning I saw my canna are growing! Now these rhizomes we totally abused by me so I am so happy I am getting anything! In the second picture you see that dark area? Well since I water the canna almost every day the ground is soft and that dark spot is a hole made by a deer hoof. There is more growth coming, but it is hard to see in a picture.

The Shasta daisy seeds are just starting to break ground. The thistle are popping up everywhere with my watering so I will have to get out this weekend and pull those. The thistle are the bigger plants; look close and you can just see the daisies.

Last night the deer also bit off the top of a couple of the zinnias. It won't hurt them. This will just force the zinnias to send out branches. Crazy deer!

I also picked some strawberries this morning.

How many of these would it take to bake a pie? I put a penny in the picture for scale. These are wild strawberries that have taken over my yard - and you thought I had a strawberry patch! LOL!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Slow going

I worked on one t-shirt all weekend and it is still not done. I finished up the AC/DC logo at the top. I bought some shiny metallic thread and used it for backstitching the inner row around the letters. It is hard to capture it in a picture, but it added just a bit of shine. While I stitched I had on a new channel that show a lot of martial art movies. This weekend was all 5 Kickboxer movies. They are pretty bad movies - lame story lines and bad acting. It was funny to see one particular actor that played one bad guy character in two of the movies and then he got brought back and played a completely different bad guy in the fourth movie of the series.

For the word Ballbreakers, I outlined the letters in the satin floss. This took hours and hours, but I like the way it came out. Here is picture of it in progress and then done so you could see the difference it made.

I used a running stitch or quilted the background following the rays of blue that came from the Angus figure in the middle.

I want to put the year the Ballbreakers album was released, so I found my stencil and with tailor's wax marked the shirt.

After I outline the date and embroider a border around the shirt then this shirt will be 100% done.

I did cook a little, did some laundry, a little walking, washed dishes, and watered the seedlings also. The Shasta daisies are looking good

The poor daylilies are being ravaged by the deer. They come in the night and eat the flowers! You can see here that this group has flowers only in one area because the deer have eaten the rest. They also stepped on my zinnias and one of the plants was halfway pulled out of the ground. I stuffed it back in, but I didn't have time to give it a drink of water so it might die.