Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Onward to the pink and lavender flannel

I did good and managed to get most of the pink and lavender strips sewn together. I sewed them together mixing the different prints. These are 3 1/2" strips.

I am going for a random look. I saw this quilt on Bill's Wonkyworld blog and I thought it might look good in all the different pink and lavender flannels I had accumulated.

Monday, September 24, 2018

A good weekend

Friday night I got nothing done. It got up to 89 outside so it had to be close to 100 inside the construction zone. I was having to do some physical jobs so the sweat was dripping off of me. I was wiped out so all I wanted was to take a shower and sit in the air conditioning. I did get busy the rest of the weekend and spent the majority of my time working on the project I can't show you yet.

I did get the blocks for the baby flannel quilt sewn together and pressed. There are 38 4-patch blocks in this pile.

I have three more strips to slice and make into blocks, but I set those aside because I want to layout the blocks I have to see what works design wise. If I need to introduce another fabric I will need the cream flannel to pair with it. I have this blue flannel that would look good with the fabrics already in the blocks.

The heat has finally been turned off! What a relief! I did force myself to go mow last evening. The back yard was very long - at least 8 inches! It took awhile to mow that because I had to go so slow with my little mower. It is going to rain today so I had to get that grass mowed. It needs a good trimming too, but that can wait. Despite it being cooler, I was still sweating pretty good by the time I got the back yard done. Someone needs to turn of the humidity machine!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Thank goodness it's Friday - really thank goodness

Last night after I took a long shower to wash of the dirt and sweat from work (you would never know I have an office type position!) I worked on the baby quilt flannel 4-patch blocks. I pressed the strips and sliced them so they are ready for sewing.

Yesterday I found a couple more rocks on site, but I could only get one of them. The one rock was heavy and I could only carry it a little ways before I had to drop it so it didn't make it to the car. Here is the one I did get

Pauline thanks for your comment. You are a no-reply so I couldn't answer you back directly. Believe me I would welcome some snow over this heat we have been having. I am wiped out from another week of it being in the high 80's and 90's in the space where my desk is location in the construction area. The temperatures are forecasted to finally drop tonight and with the highs next week in the 70's. I sure hope they are right. I don't know how much more of this heat I can stand. I like the cold weather, but not the shorter hours of daylight.

Everyone have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Next flannel quilt

I managed to pair up the flannel and get the pairs sewn together for the next flannel quilt. I had cut the strips at 4". Tonight I will press the pairs of strips and slice them. I am making 4-patch blocks with these. I have no idea how many blocks I will get out of these strips. I just wanted to take the leftover bits and turn them into something useful.

The next two days at work are going to be hard because of the heat. 88 today and 89 tomorrow which means it will be well over 90 - probably over 95 where I am working. I am tired today because it has been so hot this week in here. The forecast says the temperature is finally going to drop on Saturday. I will believe it when it happens.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

This group of flannel blocks done

I finished up sewing together the last 10 9-patch blocks for this first of several flannel quilts I had cut out several weeks ago.

Here is the pile of 120 blocks. I still need to press 32 of them.

I will next start sewing together these strips for a baby sized flannel quilt. I cut these strips a bit wider, but I don't remember the width.

Since the quilt top I am working on is on the design wall, I will continue to sew together the flannel into blocks. Once I get that quilt off the design wall, I can then arrange the flannel blocks on the wall and get them sewn together. The flannel quilts are just to use up the flannel and have a couple spare quilts in the stash.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Flannel progress and plants

I finally got that light gray flannel I bought for backing washed. I ripped off a piece to cut strips for matching up with that last piece of plaid I had. I managed to get the strips sewn together and cut so they are ready to be sewn into blocks.

We continue to trade plants at work. Yesterday, Chad brought me some purple cora bells and a chunk of Zebra grass. It was sprinkling out, but I planted the cora bells anyway. They had lost most of their purple color, so I will have to wait until spring to see what they really look like.

I don't know where I might plant the Zebra grass. It likes full sun and this will get very tall.

I dug up a day lily to give to Chad. he thinks it is funny that I don't know what color it is, but the deer eat all the flowers off every year before they open up. Several years ago I covered the plant with netting to keep the deer for eating the flowers, but it has been so long I just don't remember what color they are. He doesn't have a deer problem so the plant is now his.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Sewing and gardening

I never left the house all weekend except to go outside and do some yardwork. I did get some sewing done and the piece I can't show you and a few more flannel 9-patch blocks sewn together.

It was a very warm and humid weekend. I was very tired on Saturday, but between Saturday and Sunday I did manage to get the cora bell flower bed almost done. I want to mulch the bed. I hauled 10 to 12 half wheelbarrows of dirt to fill up the bed and help with the grade. The ground was lower next to the garage and I needed to bring it up to shed the water away from the garage. I dug up all the cora bells that I had planted along the garage a year ago. Poor little things! They were pretty much stuck in clay so that might be why they didn't seem to grow much. They have to be happy now that they are in nice soil which I tossed in some fertilizer. Here is the before
and the after.

I left some space at the one end because that fellow at work said he would bring me some purple leaf cora bells. It took me four hours to get the cora bell bed in shape on Sunday. It was hard to do the planting with the sweat dripping on my glasses! LOL!!!

I also finished up cleaning the big flower bed in the front yard. I dead headed the Shasta daisies and pulled the rest of weeds. It looks a lot better! The bed is now ready for me to work on the rock border. Of course, that will happen depending on the weather, that is, the heat and humidity.