Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lots to do

Last evening was about cleaning up for the MQG meeting at my house tonight. Much of the time was spent putting away stuff. I still need to vacuum, but the studio looks decent. I am going to demonstrate how I put on a facing binding so I have the first of the two F to F pieces laid out on my big table. I had pressed it and used my bricks to hold it in place as the moisture evaporated. It is now nice and flat and ready for tonight.

I waited until 7:30 to go out and mow the front yard. The temp was still in the low 80's and it was very humid. I was drenched by the time I was done. It was starting to get overcast and just when I got started I saw lighting. I mowed fast! Here is the sky once I got done.

and a few minutes later it looked like this

I saw that my Shasta daisies were finally blooming and here is the first flower. The picture is a bit blurry and dark as the wind was blowing and I needed to get inside because of the lighting.

We didn't get but a sprinkle. I also took the time to repot this cactus that was marked down to $1.00. I love cactus. He was in good shape, but it looked like it must have been knocked over because the wasn't much dirt in the pot. He was very dry so I gave him a good drink of water and now we will see if he survives.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 14 of F to F - so close!

I quilted, and quilted and quilted last evening and I am now 98% done. I can finish the rest of the machine quilting at lunch and then it is on to the binding! Here is the pile of pieces for the second piece

And I need to cut the binding for the first piece out of the black American Made Brand (AMB) fabric I had left over

Both of these pieces were made front and back out of the AMB fabric. The batting is warm & natural. The thread was various brands, Sulky, Connecting Threads essentials, Star, and some quilting thread I don't know the brand. I will work on the bindings tonight after I get done cleaning up a bit. The ladies are coming Wednesday night so I need to get a few things put away.

My cold is much better and I think it will be gone by the end of the week.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 13 of F to F

It was a rough weekend with all the coughing, sneezing, and blowing my nose, but I feel better today. These are the friends that got me thru the weekend

I did get the first piece of the F to F challenge all quilted. I then pin basted the second piece and have about 60% of it quilted. At times it was hard to push myself. It seemed like every time I would take a break I would fall asleep in my sewing chair.

I did have to switch out sewing machines. My original Pfaff 1475 started skipping stitches as I free motion quilted. The new machine works like a dream!

I definitely need to send my original to my repair man and have him clean and tune it up. It has not been worked on in years. Here is the control panel on the new machine. I don't think anyone every used this machine.
Now look at the control panel for my original machine. Look at all the nicks! I have no idea how I could have done this. Maybe with the tip of the scissors?

I did go out Sunday morning about 10 to trim the front yard. I was going to mow, but the grass was still too wet from dew and the humidity was 75%. I am going to have to dig deep and mow after work tonight no matter what.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 10 of the F to F projects

I am officially starting to panic! I did get about 1/4 of the last section quilted last evening between the coughing, sneezing, and blowing my nose. Other than getting a haircut Saturday morning, I will be chaining myself to the sewing machine this weekend. The piece I am working on is 46" x 48" and the other piece I want to get done is 46" x 47".

I did receive the additional fabric I purchased for the Michael Miller challenge for QuiltCon. I was one of the lucky people that gets a free bundle of 8 FQs of Cotton Couture for this challenge. There is not enough fabric with the 8 FQs to do what I want so I bought more Cotton Couture. The free fabrics are pastels which I don't work in very often so I bought a few fabrics to punch this project up a bit.

My free FQs won't be shipped until the end of the month, but I will post them with these fabrics once they arrive. I will have to read the rules again because I think this may be another one of those projects I can't post pictures of. So as soon as I get the F to F pieces done I will be jumping right into the Michael Miller challenge.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Day 9 of the F to F projects

Even though I felt lousy with this cold, I soldiered on and completed another section of the first of the two pieces for the F to F challenge. So the first piece is 4/5th done! I did discover a thread goober on the back that I will have to fix.

I don't think I can finish this last section tonight, but it will be done for sure by Friday night. I then can use this piece to demonstrate to the quilt group next Wednesday on how I bind a quilt with facing. Next I have to get the other piece quilted as the deadline for these two is Aug. 31.

I picked up a couple of movies for the weekend - yes, another Dirty Harry movie and a movie Clint Eastwood directed about the musician Charley Parker.

While I was at the library I cruised over to the new books section and Kathy Doughty's new book was sitting there just waiting for me to pick it up. I love her use of color and prints!

I received an email from the Akron Art Prize - that is the group running the event I entered the "Where's Jimmy?" quilt. The email was for a 20% discount for one week only for Moo cards! I only have about a dozen left so I think I will go ahead and get some more. Oh, we get a break on shipping too.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The quilt has been delivered

It was quite an adventure last evening between getting the Where's Jimmy? quilt photographed and delivered. First it was hot outside around 85 degrees. My friend's man friend dropped me off beside the photography studio so I didn't have to carry my piece for two blocks. I went in the door and there was a long set of stairs I needed to climb. This building is old and the ceiling height is at least 20' so that makes for a lot of steps. Oh, by the way, no air conditioning. I made it to the top and guess what? I had to climb another set of steps just as long up to the third floor. By the time I got to the top of the stairs I was sweating bullets. It was running in my eyes and I was a mess! I could even think about taking a picture of the studio, but I wish I would have as there were the mammoth corbels inside the photography studio.

We got the quilt hung up and here is the picture.

Much better than the one I took!

I rolled the quilt back up and headed back to the car over to the gallery where it will hang. I am still sweating. I got to the gallery and the fellow there, Michael, had me set the quilt on the floor. Thanks goodness I had wrapped it in a sheet! Once talking to Michael I realized the quilt was not going to be hung up for until this weekend! I told the fellow it was going to be all wrinkled and asked if I could come back and steam it. He was ok with that so that is a relief! By the time I got home, still sweating, it was 6:45. I had started out on this adventure at 4 p.m.! I fixed myself a big whiskey slush, a small sandwich, and cranked up the A/C to try and cool off. I went to bed early as I started Monday afternoon with the feeling that I was catching a cold and I needed some serious rest. Tonight I will start back on the F to F quilts.

I will be bartering my skills with the photographer. He needs a banner sewn together and I will get photos of quilts for submissions! With Michael, he needs some patches sewn on some bags and I am not sure what I will get in trade, but he is a potter.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

9th finish for 2014

The "Where's Jimmy?" quilt is now done! I took a half day vacation to get it finished and I am so glad I did. It took me longer than I thought to get all the loose thread and lint off, stitch the rod pocket, put on the label, and modify the wood for the hanger. Here is the quilt laying on my table. I needed to press and steam the bottom of the quilt to flatten it out and it looks much better now.

I didn't shove the hanging rod in it yet, but it is varnished and ready to go.

The label - I took a picture of the autographed picture my brother had gotten for me, printed it out on the laser jet, and added my info.

I found a sheet that is almost big enough to wrap the quilt in for transporting.

After work I have to take it to a place that will professionally photograph it for free and download it on a jump drive for me. They will use the picture in the slide show of all the art in the competition. After the photography, I will head to the gallery to hang it.

One thing the Art Prize is asking for is an artist's profile. I have no idea of what I should say. I would appreciate your input!

This event runs Sept. 6 to Oct. 4 when the public's votes are tallied and the six top vote getters are revealed.