Thursday, January 18, 2018

Putting away

I continue to put items away in my new bookcases. I moved most of my quilting books and emptied three boxes of pottery. I still have empty shelves! I sure am getting my steps in with moving everything I had to take down to the lower level to get the floors refinished and now moving it back upstairs.

The rest of the evening was spent continuing to read this book.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

5th herringbone blue top and what am I going to used all those bookshelves for?

I had to cut two more pieces of light fabric and now I can sew together the 5th blue herringbone top.

I was asked by Swoozie "What are you going to put in all those bookcases?" I have plans! This house has no storage except for the closets and there are not many cabinets in the kitchen. The first items in the bookcases were my cookbooks. This makes me so happy I have a place to put them now. I also now have a place for my FoodSaver and my tea.

Then I starting moving the photo albums in, my china, a tea set that was my Mom's when she was little, Mom's binoculars, and a bowl that my Grandmother brought back on one of her trips. I think it was from AZ. I remember that bowl sitting on my parent dining room table or the buffet and it collected stuff. I had no place to honor these items that I brought home after our Dad died. Now I can enjoy seeing them.

I had to think hard, but I finally remember where I put my two boxes of pottery that I have collected over the years. The pottery was in another cabinet that I gave my son and now it will go in the bookcases. Here is one box.

I have been editing my stuff and did get rid of some cookbooks and other items. They went to the Goodwill. I am putting my eye to everything again as I put items in the bookcases and there may be a few more that don't make the cut. So far I am ecstatic that I have so much space! I have a number of baking pans that don't fit in my kitchen cabinets so they will be going in the lower part of the cabinets. Downstairs where I had the cookbooks in a bookcase has now freed up space where I can put my scrap bins.
after the cookbooks were moved upstairs

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Three and a half days of hard work

Friday they sent us home early because of the storm that was coming our way. This is the first time in 15 years that I can remember being sent home early. I had some baseboard to cut and install, and some touchup painting to do. I then hung my AC/DC piece on the blank wall in my bedroom. Here is the wall

I had some touch up to do at the receptacle and then install the cover. Here is what is looks like now. I get to wake up every morning and see this piece I worked so hard on. I had a couple pin back buttons and a patch I had acquired after the piece was done so I sewed those on before I hung it up. I also changed the hanging rod. I never did like the one I had. I had saved the old trim when I had the front door replaced so I used that as my handing rod. I made a new rod pocket and now the quilt hangs much better.

I sewed Saturday to avoid painting the living room one more day. I did get the 3rd blue herringbone quilt top sewn together

Then I put another one on the design wall and sewed it together

I have the 5th blue herringbone top on the design wall ready to sew together.

Sunday I had no choice, but to paint the living room. My brother was coming over on Monday to help me put the bookcases together so I had to get to painting. The color I was painting, Cloud Cover, was very close to what the color that was on the walls so it is hard to see what didn't get done. I could get the walls up to the ceiling with the paint pole, but the edging still needs done. My ceiling goes from 8' to 13 1/2'. You have to look close to see the edges that aren't painted. This wall is after shot of the wall painted.

These walls are the before shots and are now painted

I painted for six hours and I just didn't have the energy to tackle the ceiling. I am painting the ceiling the same color as the walls. In this picture you can just see the lighter color on the left and where I stopped.

My brother brought over this fabulous ladder that someone gave him. I can reach the ceiling without even using the extension pole!

Now where I am uncomfortable trying to paint is the area at the top of the stairs. I have a neighbor who paints for a living and I texted him to give me a call. I plan on hiring him to do this area.

After I was done painting I made stuff shells so that after Mike and I were done working on Monday he would not have to worry about what to make for dinner. This is something I always do as a bit of appreciation for his help. I ended up with two dishes to give him and the little one was for me. I stuck one dish for him and the little one for me in the oven in the middle of the afternoon on Monday so it would be hot when he got home.

Monday I was up before dawn cracked and made a batch of from scratch cinnamon rolls so my brother would have a little snack while we worked. I sent him home with a container full so that he, my SIL and Michael could have for them for dessert or breakfast. I forgot to take a picture of them, but here are two that I brought to give to the custodian at the school.

My brother arrive about 9:30 and we got to work installing the bookcases I had bought at IKEA a few weeks ago.

We got a good system going and got the bookcases put together in a couple hours. After Mike figured out the best way to attach the bookcases to each other and the wall it was time to get the doors hung. He did the hanging while I put the hardware on the doors.

There is a tv cabinet that goes in the middle. IKEA was sold out of the white ones so I bought the natural finish unit and will paint it to match the bookcases.

We got done about 3:45. I helped him load up his tools, hot food, and clean the snow off his van. Here is what the bookcases look like. I now have a place to put my cookbooks!

I ate my stuffed shells and rested for about an hour. Did some laundry, mending, and made about 6 trips to the garage to haul out all the cardboard. I was tired, but I am very happy with all the progress that was made. I can't wait to install the shelves and put all the storage space to use!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Yeah it's Friday!

I forgot to take a picture of the current blue herringbone baby quilt, but I now have the left half sewn together.

I was at the grocery the other day and found these soap dispensers for cheap. You know how I love the minions so Kevin and Stuart had to come home with me.

The weather is forecasted to be terrible as the day goes on today. I will run at lunch and get a few groceries before the temperature drops to freezing. Between tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday I have to finish painting the living room which I started several years ago. Ok, wipe the look of shock off your faces - LOL!! I have to get it done because my brother might be coming over Monday to help me put together the bookcases I bought at IKEA a couple weeks ago. By installing the bookcases I will lose the area where I hang my quilts to take pictures of them. I will have to try and figure out another place to hang them. I have to take a day's vacation on Monday because the schools are closed for MLK day. Since my office is in the high school I can't get in the building so I will take vacation.

Have a great weekend and I hope to show great progress on all the projects I have planned on Tuesday.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Fabric storage room

I had to use some of the space in my fabric storage room for chairs and other things when I cleaned out the living room and two bedrooms to get my floors sanded. Well, I went in there last evening looking for something and it is just a wreck!

I have to take Monday off as a vacation day since the schools will be closed for MLK day. The company I work for does not give MLK day as one of our holidays off during the year so therefore it will be a vacation day. No problem as I have some days left over from 2017 and my brother may be coming over on Monday to help me put my IKEA purchases together. I hope to find a bit of time between now and Monday to get the fabric storage room straightened up or at least get the kitchen chairs out of there and back into the kitchen!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

3rd blue top and knitting

I did a bit of knitting last evening. I had torn apart the gray scarf I knitted last year and I am reknitting it a wider width. The first time it was too skinny and long. The wool yarn is about $14.00 a skein - I have two skeins - so I am not about to waste the yarn.

I also got a quarter of the 3rd blue herringbone baby quilt top sewn together.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Another blue top on the design wall and making progress on baseboard

I laid out another blue herringbone quilt top on the design wall. This is a column one again, but with darks and lights. There is more contrast with this one that the dark and medium one.

Crawling around on a wood floor nailing baseboard is not my idea of a good time, but it has to be done. I now have the master bedroom's baseboard all nailed including the closet except for one piece. I should have taken a picture of the one piece I didn't install. The problem is there is a gap between the baseboard and the edge of the wood floor. I will have to get a piece of flooring, have it ripped down to fill the gap, and poly it so I can install it in the gap. Shoe mold would cover the gap, but I am not installing shoe mold so therefore the gap would show. I have a place in the living room the same way. I will take pictures of this when I go to fix it so you can see what I am talking about. I still have to putty the nail holes and caulk the baseboard and casing, but I just could not crawl around on the floor anymore. At least I have the bedroom almost put back together which feels so good! I did install this picture ledge I bought when I went to IKEA. Here is the before and after