Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pittsburgh to see Bruce

My brother Mike and I went to Pittsburgh last evening to see my brother Bob and Bruce Springsteen in concert. It took about 2 hours and 20 minutes to get to Pittsburgh. We had a great time!

My head hit the pillow at 1:15 this morning so I got about six hours of sleep. I feel ok now, but if I have to walk home from work tonight - I dropped my car off at the shop before I came to work this morning - it might be a slow walk home. The shop will have to diagnose the problem first and will let me know later this morning what they need to do to fix the oil leak.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More fabric

Becky at St. Theresa Textile Trove is trying to reduce her inventory so she is having a bodacious mystery box sale. Becky has always been very generous to me so I thought I would help her out and buy a box.

I received a lot of fabric in this little box - 18 yards and some of it was very unusual! Some I like; some I don't think I will ever use. I would be willing to trade to anyone interested so let me know if anything mark "willing to trade" catches your eye.

Willing to trade this 1 1/2 yards of this green monoprint

Willing to trade this panel that is almost a yard piece.

I am keeping this piece! The background is black even though it looks dark blue in the picture.

I am on the fence with this piece. I think it is very cool, but I rarely use this shade of green.

willing to trade this strange piece of about a yard. It is a panel with hands, feet, and playing cards.

Willing to trade this tie dye. It is 2 1/2 yards if I remember correctly. I left my cheat sheet at home. There are three full tie dyed circles.

Another tie dye piece 1 1/2 or 2 yards. I think it is pretty cool and I think I will keep this one.

This was a group of FQs. I will keep these.

Becky also threw in a bag of beads and shells. There are shells mounted in little pieces of leather with a string running thru the top. I have no idea of what I would ever do with these, but with the way they are made you could pull out the leather string and sew then on to something. I thought the drum buttons were kind of cool. I don't know if I would ever use them, but I am leaning toward keeping them unless some could convince me that they have the perfect project for these.

willing to trade this cloth. It is hand woven strips that were then sewn together. It is about 2 1/2 yards.

Lastly is this group of 1 yard pieces. I love the fish print and the yellow pieces. The other three pieces I had in my stash so I would be willing to trade those.

With finally warmer weather the daffodils are blooming like crazy. Goodness, I am going to miss all the color once they fade. I also have more white daffodils this year. Last year there was only one flower, this year there are three.

I went for a walk last evening and look what I found in the gutter. It is a tool for your bicycle. It retails for around $25.00. Somebody is going to be upset that they lost this.

Monday, April 21, 2014

How many quilts does it take ...

to call it a series? I feel like I have a series going on with these lap sized quilts made out of homespun. I worked on the second and third quilts this weekend. For the second one I have twelve more blocks to make. I have the pieces all cut and I had just enough different blues that were the right sized pieces to make these twelve blocks. Here is where the quilt is right now. I have the three long rows sewed together and the three little rows are sew into rows, but not together. These blocks are 8 1/2" so they finish at 8".

For the third quilt I have all the rows sewn together as much as I could, but I need to make 8 more of the 6 1/2" striped blocks.

The bindings are made and labeled for all three.

Here are the pieces for the blocks I need to make to finish both quilts.

Now what do you think the pile of leftover fabric looks like? I think I have enough to make another quilt!

My brother drove in from Pittsburgh for Easter and look what I got! A used guitar pic! I will add this to my framed backstage passes, wrist bands, and ticket subs from the other Springsteen concerts I have been lucky enough to go to because of my brother.

Today I have to try and get my car fixed. Apparently I need to have my head gasket replaced according to the diagnoses my nephew gave me yesterday when I showed up for Easter brunch. He said the same thing happened to him and that is how he knew what was going on. Let's hope the garage can get me in today.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!

No I didn't win a chicken dinner, but I did win a gift card from Red Pepper Quilts and Southern Fabric! It was hard to decide what to buy because Southern Fabrics have so may beautiful fabrics! They shipped the fabric quick too! I bought the sock monkey fabric for baby quilts. The whale piece will be dyed to make the background teal so that it and the teal piece will fit into a project I have in the works. Thank you Red Pepper Quilts and Southern Fabric!

I also got a packaged from Yes, I am bad, but they were all on sale. The Moda Boo Crew fabric is earmarked for a quilt for a birthday present. I paid $4.60 a yard! You can't beat that! Remember the white spider web fabric I bought not too long ago? That will be for the sister of the girl getting the Boo Crew quilt. The Boo Crew fabric is so cute! I wasn't sure about it at first, but it turned out that it will be perfect! There are hints of orange and green in the characters and for the girl this quilt is for, orange and green are her favorite colors!

The other fabric I bought to go with pieces I already had in my stash. See? Don't they go together great?

I did get started on making binding last night. The strips are sewn together, but I didn't have time to press it.

Why didn't I have time? Because I made cookies for the guys for Easter.

I have lots of plans for the weekend, projects I want to work on, maybe some yard work.

Have a happy Easter.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The pile has been sorted

Now I can see what I have after sorting that very messy pile of homespun and I can figure out my next move. Here is the fabric sorted into piles with similar sized pieces. The bottom row L to R are fabrics that are the wrong color and will be set aside, a pile of small pieces, a pile of medium sized pieces, and a pile of FQs. The top row is a pile of fat eights, long strips for cutting binding, and some decent sized pieces of blue.

Did I find anything else hiding in the pile? Yes, I did! There were these strip sets left over from a quilt I made for myself that was a duplicate of one I made for Richie Sambora. Here are the strips and a picture of my quilt.

Then I found these 6 1/2" blocks. These are left over from a quilt I made Janet Jackson probably 14 - 15 years ago. Here are the blocks and a picture of the quilt (a bad picture!). I just stuck the blocks on the design wall, but I will need to add some light colored blocks. The blocks a much darker in person.

Lastly I found some strips left from a top I used as the family Xmas quilt two years ago.

I need more blue and beige homespuns so I headed into the fabric storage room to see if I had missed any in my first search. Well, I found just what I was looking for. The black piece will go back in storage, but I can use the rest of this.

I will be able to finish the quilt I started with the piles of 6 fabrics
and also one using up those 6 1/2" blocks with all these scraps of homespum plus binding for each top. I will reevaluate of what to do with any fabric I have left once I get these next two tops done.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More homespun sorting

I worked a bit on sorting that homespun pile into like sizes. I have five stacks of 6 fabrics pressed and ready for cutting. I found some longer pieces that I can use for cutting binding.

Look at the pile left! I doesn't even look like I took 30 pieces out of the pile! I am running low on the light colored homespun. I will have to go into the fabric storage room and see if I have any I missed.

Look at the temp this morning! 24 freaking degrees! What is that all about? The poor daffodils are crying "uncle!".

The rest of the week it is going to be cold at night but warm up during the day. At least there is no more snow in the forecast!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sewing, fabric, biking and SNOW!

First - sewing
I put the borders on that multi layer piece so now it is ready to pin baste for quilting

Second - fabric

I received the rest of my order from Hancock's of Paducah of the American Made Brand cotton. The new fabric is at the lower right - all three gray fabrics they have in the line, dark yellow, and cream.

I also bought this cow fabric for a baby quilt I need to make. Cute cow fabric is hard to find! I think I will use a lot of black/white fabric and orange fabric with this print.

Third - biking
Last night Paris-Roubaix one day bicycling event was on TV. This race is 159.7 miles long in one day over smooth roads as well as cobble paths. I started watching it, but I had to tape the rest and go to bed. I needed my rest just in case I get to go to Columbus tonight to see Bruce Springsteen. Here is a shot of the boys riding over some cobble. That is not fog - it is the dust they kick up! Cobbles are very dangerous to ride over and if it was raining they get very slick and the boys would be covered with mud. This is motivation to stay in front!

And last - SNOW - yes it is snowing! Yesterday is was so warm in the trailer at work I had to plug in the fan. This morning I unplugged the fan and plugged in the space heater. It is not enough that I have to shovel, and the roads aren't bad, but come on Mother Nature!