Thursday, April 17, 2014

The pile has been sorted

Now I can see what I have after sorting that very messy pile of homespun and I can figure out my next move. Here is the fabric sorted into piles with similar sized pieces. The bottom row L to R are fabrics that are the wrong color and will be set aside, a pile of small pieces, a pile of medium sized pieces, and a pile of FQs. The top row is a pile of fat eights, long strips for cutting binding, and some decent sized pieces of blue.

Did I find anything else hiding in the pile? Yes, I did! There were these strip sets left over from a quilt I made for myself that was a duplicate of one I made for Richie Sambora. Here are the strips and a picture of my quilt.

Then I found these 6 1/2" blocks. These are left over from a quilt I made Janet Jackson probably 14 - 15 years ago. Here are the blocks and a picture of the quilt (a bad picture!). I just stuck the blocks on the design wall, but I will need to add some light colored blocks. The blocks a much darker in person.

Lastly I found some strips left from a top I used as the family Xmas quilt two years ago.

I need more blue and beige homespuns so I headed into the fabric storage room to see if I had missed any in my first search. Well, I found just what I was looking for. The black piece will go back in storage, but I can use the rest of this.

I will be able to finish the quilt I started with the piles of 6 fabrics
and also one using up those 6 1/2" blocks with all these scraps of homespum plus binding for each top. I will reevaluate of what to do with any fabric I have left once I get these next two tops done.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More homespun sorting

I worked a bit on sorting that homespun pile into like sizes. I have five stacks of 6 fabrics pressed and ready for cutting. I found some longer pieces that I can use for cutting binding.

Look at the pile left! I doesn't even look like I took 30 pieces out of the pile! I am running low on the light colored homespun. I will have to go into the fabric storage room and see if I have any I missed.

Look at the temp this morning! 24 freaking degrees! What is that all about? The poor daffodils are crying "uncle!".

The rest of the week it is going to be cold at night but warm up during the day. At least there is no more snow in the forecast!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sewing, fabric, biking and SNOW!

First - sewing
I put the borders on that multi layer piece so now it is ready to pin baste for quilting

Second - fabric

I received the rest of my order from Hancock's of Paducah of the American Made Brand cotton. The new fabric is at the lower right - all three gray fabrics they have in the line, dark yellow, and cream.

I also bought this cow fabric for a baby quilt I need to make. Cute cow fabric is hard to find! I think I will use a lot of black/white fabric and orange fabric with this print.

Third - biking
Last night Paris-Roubaix one day bicycling event was on TV. This race is 159.7 miles long in one day over smooth roads as well as cobble paths. I started watching it, but I had to tape the rest and go to bed. I needed my rest just in case I get to go to Columbus tonight to see Bruce Springsteen. Here is a shot of the boys riding over some cobble. That is not fog - it is the dust they kick up! Cobbles are very dangerous to ride over and if it was raining they get very slick and the boys would be covered with mud. This is motivation to stay in front!

And last - SNOW - yes it is snowing! Yesterday is was so warm in the trailer at work I had to plug in the fan. This morning I unplugged the fan and plugged in the space heater. It is not enough that I have to shovel, and the roads aren't bad, but come on Mother Nature!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Yardwork and sewing

What a beautiful weekend! I took a half day on Friday. I cleaned house for about an hour then a quilting friend came over to look at what hand dyed fabric I had left. I sat and sewed for awhile until my 4 cubic yards of sweet peat was delivered.

I went back to sewing and by Sunday I had this quilt top done. This is the veteran's quilt top I will be sending to Vicki. It is made with homespuns - something I don't use anymore. It turned out 52" x 69".

I still have a pile of homespun so I will probably put together another top and see if that will take care of the rest of this. I want to make binding for the first top so I will do that first before I start cutting what I have left up.

Saturday evening I worked in the yard for 2 1/2 hours and I worked another 2 1/2 hours on Sunday morning in the yard. I spread Preen down first, pulled any weeds, and then dumped and spread my sweet peat. I got the center bed done and the bed next to the house. Notice how the daffodils are not open in the yard, but the ones next to the how bloomed.

Then there is the bed that needs a lot of help. This first picture is after I had already dug out an ugly bush on the right side.

I then started to dig an edge around the bed so that I can install a brick edge. I have a bunch of bricks my brother had given me years ago and I am finally going to put them to good use. I also bought some landscaping fabric for this area because I have a real bad week problem here. I transplanted two Lenten roses back farther in the bed so they will get shade from the mugo pine. Where the bush was I transplanted a hunk of ornamental grass from one of the two plant that I gave a haircut to a couple of weeks ago. Man, that was a battle and a half trying to cut a chunk of that out! I used a sharpened shovel and two different knives and finally after almost an hour I was able to free up a piece. That root system is tough! So here is the bed as it sits right now.

Here is what my sweet peat pile looks like now. I covered it with plastic because the wind was howling and I didn't want it to blow away! It is also suppose to rain so now it won't get as wet. I could be a couple of weeks before I get that other bed done to the point where I can spread it with the sweet peat. At least it is easier to get the car out of the garage now!

I also worked on sewing together the multi layer blocks that I had used for the lecture last week. The shape of these came out very rectangular and I would have wasted a lot if I had cut squares. I decided to cut rectangles and see what would happen. I have the six blocks sewn together. I needed to add borders on the top and bottom to make the piece bigger. I scoured my cutting table and my scrap basket looking for enough fabric to make the borders. I had only one small piece of the dark blue, one piece of the blue with white squares, and one piece of the Dr. Seuss white with the blue shapes. I cut up what little I had left of the blue with the circles. I still had plenty of the word play cream and the green striped fabrics. At the left side is the binding. I was too tired last night to sew together the borders. This will make a cute baby quilt to add to my stash.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Caulking and sewing

I needed to get my new bricked in window caulked because it was suppose to start raining again. I did that and yes, it is raining. I still need to paint the lintel.

I sewed together one block of the multi layer blocks I showed at my lecture so I could email it to Dawn. There was a lady that asked why I didn't trim all four sides of the FQs before I cut the FQ into sections. I explained that the edges become uneven at the sides when you sew the sections together. This was a good question and when I show this technique again I will definitely have an example of a block sewn together but not trimmed so they can visually see what happens. Here is the block.

Look what the UPS man brought me! I got a good deal. The batting was 50% off,I had a coupon for an extra 15% off, and I had a $25.00 gift card from my sister-in-law, brother and Michael for making stuff for the band.
I guess I will be making a few more quilts.

I have plans for the weekend to make a veteran's quilt top for Vicki at Field Trips in Fiber and working in the yard. The rain is suppose to stop so I hopefully can get out in the yard this afternoon (I am taking a half day vacation). I have a load of Sweet Peat coming this afternoon to dress up my flower beds.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Last night's lecture and a suprise today

I was so busy with setting up, talking, and then tearing down I never took one picture of the wonderful group of ladies that at the meeting last night. There must have been at least 50 women there! Everything went well thanks to Dawn who helped show quilts, fold them up, and helped me unpack and pack the car. Darla also helped carry stuff for me too. The quilts that drew the most ohs and ahs were the two gray and yellow quilts - the multi layer baby quilt and the big one I made for my guest room.

I sold lots of fat quarters and bundles. Look - I now have emptied one full container!

Remember how I had shown that picture of all my samples organized into a nice pile? This is what the pile looked like after I go home. There is no time to be neat when you are moving from one example to the next. I just took them off the design board and dumped them in a bag.

I needed to get the brick fixed around a window. There use to be a little bay window at this location and when I replaced all the windows in the house the new window didn't fill the space the bay left. So my brick guy called me this morning after I had already gone to work and wanted to do the window today. I went home quick - it is only a mile away from work - and got the hose out for him. You can sort of see the issue with the window here.

Here it is all done! It is amazing he was able to find a match for 55 year old brick!

I just need to caulk between the window and the brick and this will be a good job done!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Samples and has spring sprung?

I worked on getting my sample blocks and pieces organized last night. Here they are piled up in the order that they will presented. This pile is actually upside down. I need to cut a piece of cardboard to sandwich the pieces to the board I have underneath for transporting them to the lecture. I made some notes in my copy of the program so I have stuff to talk about while I change the pieces on the design board.

I went for a 45 minute walk last evening just to get out and enjoy the weather. The sun was shinning, but the air is still cool. I took a look around the yard to see what was happening. There was a cute group of crocus that the squirrels had transplanted for me and the deer hadn't eaten the flower yet

The Lenten roses are blooming - these are poison to deer

Where it is warmer next to the house because of the brick facing south, I saw my first glimpse of yellow from the daffodils.

There was frost on the roof this morning and the temp is only 43 right now. The sun is shinning, but 43 is still cold!