Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A little sewing and lugging boxes

At work yesterday one of the fellows who is setting up the trailer at a new project needed to go to the storage room to get some tables and chairs. Well, since we were going there I asked the fellow to load up the pick up with files that needed to be taken back to the storage room from the double wide I work in. Here are the piles of boxes and drawings

Here is what those areas look like now.

I still need to spend some time in the storage room and re-file a bunch of stuff, but there is no rush.

I did get part of the border quilted on the drum quilt. Last evening I spent too much time texting and talking on the phone to a couple family members to get much sewing done.

My white quilting thread is running very low. I am going to have to get a cone in order to finish this piece.

I will not be posting again until Monday the 27th as I will be off doing some family stuff.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Busy weekend

Saturday morning I had a hair cut appointment and I spent the rest of the day cleaning up the studio. My table is cleared off and now if I have something I want to do, I have room.

Part of the clean up included pressing fabric that was washed

and adding my newest t-shirt to the design after pressing interfacing to the back of it

Sunday morning I had to run over to my brother's house and put the clean sheets on the bed, turn on the hot water, and sort the mail. Then I went to the grocery store. It was a beautiful day so I decided to go outside and pick a project that needed done. I had this pile of wood left from the garage project and it need to be cut up as it was too long to fit into the bin. Another brother of mine left me his old circular saw so I used that to cut it up. I had never used a circular saw before.

pile is gone

and in the bin

The side yard was a mess from the garage project so I decided to clean it up. So here is the side yard before

Here are the loads of debris

And here is the after. I raked all the way down the hill to where that big pile of sticks is. I did not put that pile of sticks there - my neighbor did. It is actually half on my property. I will have to work on getting rid of it. I could use about 3 yards of top soil in this area where the ground is low toward the garage.

It has been bugging me that there was some plastic that had blown down the hill into the trees so I carefully walked down the hill and drugged the plastic out of the woods.

The front yard needed mowed so that was next. I crossed my fingers that the mower would start. I had a lot of problems with it last year. I had bought some fresh gas when I was out that morning, put some dry gas in the mower, added some oil, and pulled the cord. It started on the first pull!!!! I raised my hands in the air and was looking for the crowd to roar. There was no crowd, but I pretended there was and they were thrilled! I have three bungee cords on my mower, one to keep the bagger flap open, one the hold that handle that if you let it go the mower stops ( I can't pull the cord and hold the handle at the same time), and the third bungee hold the throttle in the starting position. I take the throttle bungee off once the mower starts as well as the handle bungee. The mower runs great so there is no reason to replace it for a few minor quirks.

After 4 hours of yard work I was beat. I went inside, did a couple loads of laundry, dishes, and then sat down to sew. All the sewing I got done consisted of winding some bobbins and machine quilting about 9 inches of border.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Getting ready for the weekend and another new t-shirt

I spent last evening doing laundry, dishes, cooking salmon that a friend of mine had caught, texting my son, and pressing the fabric that I washed.

I received another t-shirt in the mail.

Here is what the design wall currently looks like with the t-shirts. I did some rearranging and I now only have one Hendrix shirt. As you can see I still need a few more. I want this piece to end up the maximum size allowed - 6' x 6' and although it looks like the majority of my 8' x 8' is covered, the piece will shrink a lot as it gets sewn together.

I will be spending my weekend getting my hair cut and looking for two items I have misplaced. Hopefully I get some yard work and sewing done too!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Big Dream Project update and a new t-shirt

Big Dream Project

It is time to report and add my link on Vicki's blog Field Trips in Fiber for the Big Dream project. My project is myself. In January I purchased a fitbit and have tried to remain motivated to get myself feeling better physically. As you can see on my steps for the last four months that March I didn't quite make my goal. It is very interesting how life can get in the way. In March I had some family issues and caught a cold. I just wasn't mentally strong enough to keep these two events from impacting step count. I now see I have the same issues this month. I cold hung on thru the middle of last week and for example, I spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone yesterday with two family members dealing with a situation. I just have to be more conscious of stuff like this and make sure that I make the time to get my walking in.

I did get a number of steps in yesterday as I walked around a job site waiting for the water cooler to be delivered to the construction trailer. It was not the ideal place to walk as I had to watch for mud, but at least I did walk instead of just sitting in the trailer waiting on the fellow to show up. I am just going to have to learn from this and put myself first. I still have time in April, so it will be interesting to see if I can at least make up for lost steps and reach my goal for the month.

I got this Rolling Stones t-shirt in the mail yesterday. I have a Beatles t-shirt and a Motorhead t-shirt also coming. Once I get those I will have to see if I have enough shirts for the quilt I want to make.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Van, cookbook, and next UFO project

My brother, SIL, and nephew came over Sunday evening to show me the new AWV - Average White Van. It seats a whole bunch of people and there is still room for guitars, amps, and equipment for the band. We are going to be traveling in style to gigs this summer!

When I was at the Goodwill looking for t-shirts I saw this cookbook. There was a recipe for butternut squash ravioli. I had butternut squash ravioli at my brother's wedding in California and it was wonderful! Now I can make my own and the book which was unused only cost $1.50!

I needed to figure out my next project on my UFO list. I have my lists taped to a door with pictures of each project. Yes, there are two lengths of list on the door! I put a big black X with a marker once the project is complete. I need more of those!

I have decided to finish this queen sized improv musical quilt. I know I have a couple of blocks already quilted, but I need to get it laid out and to see where I had stopped.

I received an email from the owner of Miller's Dry Goods in Charm, Ohio asking me to work two days for this year's anniversary sale. Of course I said yes!

Next UFO projects and the yard

I spent two hours last evening for the start of the big yard clean up. After four wheelbarrow loads of debris, the front flower bed looks better even though it is pretty bare. I still need to go back and clean up the nooks and crannies and add more mulch, but at least the majority of the dead leaves and trash are gone. I did spent quite a bit of time spraying weeds. Gosh, they are all ready running amuck!


The clouds were very interesting last evening.

It was 7:30 by the time I called it a night with the yard work. I opened up my next UFO to see how many blocks I had quilted before I quit this project. There are a total of 30 blocks and three of them are quilted. I had a bit of the border also quilted.

I started pulling out quilting thread and I can now use a cone of King Tut Parchment that I bought for no reason. It is the perfect cream color that will work for all the off-white fabric in this quilt.

Monday, April 13, 2015

7th and 8th finish of 2015

Here is number 7 - the blue/yellow UFO. It is 34 x 48 with a facing binding. I trimmed this instead of binding the irregular sides.

My 8th finish is the first of my series of quilts using mostly linen. This quilt finishes 36 x 49 with a facing binding on irregular edges.

I hid in the house most of the weekend, but the daffodils are not hiding anymore! I really need to clean up the flower beds!

I did get another t-shirt on Saturday for the quilt. Lynyrd Skynyrd. Who doesn't love Freebird?! I had seen a couple of Lynyrd Skynyrd shirts, but I like this one because of the skull motif.