Monday, December 22, 2014

20th finish of 2014 - second post

Yeah! I got the flannel quilt done!

This is all the thread I had left on the second spool of Connecting Threads Essential Olive. It's a good thing I decided to reduce the size of this quilt by one row in the length and width!

I won some more fabric! The giveaway fabric came from a place called Massdrop. There are 14 FQ and the solid yellow is a 3/4 of a yard. They also included two spools of Aurifil thread. There are some interesting prints in this group of fabrics.

I also got these two little girl dresses made. I used a pattern that was in a Japanese sewing book I borrowed from the library. I changed the pattern a bit by making the neckline round instead of square, I faced the top part of the dress, made the sleeves a bit longer, and I added a zipper. I sure hope they fit! The one little girl loves unicorns so I used that crazy unicorn fabric I won several months ago for the one dress and the other girl loves orange. Stupid me I cut the orange dress too short, but I found one leftover strip of striped binding in the perfect shade of orange so I added that to the bottom.

My Xmas sewing is done so now I need to get the kitchen cleaned up for pie baking on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

DP - more pieces added

I managed to get a few more wedge units sewn together. I have some strips of fabric that are almost too narrow to piece so I thought I would put them on the design wall and see how it would look to use some solid strips between the blocks. I will continue to play with this.

Friday, December 19, 2014


Yes, I am almost done with the machine quilting! I have 108 blocks quilted with 12 more to go. Binding and a label and it will be done!

I did spend a bit of time last evening making from scratch a banana cake for the fellows at work. I had some bananas that were very ripe so I needed to use them up. I had some cream cheese in the fridge so that went into the icing.

It is going to be a busy weekend around here! I do want to make a few cookies and I want to get things organized for baking pies and stuff I need to take with me to the xmas eve shindig.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Between last night and this morning I managed to quilt 30 blocks so I now have 80 blocks done with 30 more to go. I was up at 4:14 am so that gave me an hour and a half this morning. I just couldn't sleep so I might as well quilt!. I am now at the point that I am rounding another corner!

For any newbies to my blog I use my home machine at Pfaff 1475CD to do my free motion quilting. I have a large flat surface to help support the quilt and I put a temporary heavy T.V. table beside me on the left to add to my surface area.

Looks like I will get this done for xmas eve!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Between lunchtime yesterday, last evening, and this morning before work I managed to get 40 blocks quilted! That take my total up to 50 blocks done and 70 to go. It is always exciting when I get to a corner and turn the quilt which is the only time I turn the quilt when free motion quilting. Here is the first corner turned

and I am almost to turning the next corner.

I ran out of bobbins again, so I wound 10 more and killed of my first spool of thread. I do have another spool of the same color, Olive, but I am thinking the way I am going thru thread I may not have enough. I will have to look thru my thread stash and find something close to throw in the bobbin as I am not going to go buy more thread. I don't use green very often so I am glad to use some up on this project.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I like to keep track of how much I have done on a project when I am quilting it. Why? Sometimes it is just to document how much progress I am making. For the Moda Halloween quilt it was for meeting a deadline. It is one of those things I just like to do.

I didn't have much time to quilt last evening as I had company. While I was waiting for Kris to show up and it was a beautiful warm evening (in the low 50's) for December, I decided to load the trash bin for Wednesday's pickup since it was suppose to rain on Tuesday and rake up leaves and fallout from my neighbor's 35' arborvitae.
After an hour of raking and trash pickup (stuff left from the garage project), I moved two loads of leaves, etc. to the recycle pile before Kris showed up.

She had a dress she needs me to hem. It is made from a dark purple tricot weight fabric and will take a bit a patience to sew, but it is totally doable.

She brought me a plate of Xmas cookies and I gave her a jar of my Mango Butter Goat Milk Cream and a bar of goat milk soap. The cookies are going to work - I cannot eat them! After sitting on my butt for the last two months working constantly on the Moda Halloween quilt - well, let's just say it isn't pretty!

I did manage to run thru two bobbins so I am now getting my rhythm back so machine quilting the flannel quilt should go quicker. My machine is behaving itself and the flannel is becoming easier to handle the more I work on it. I have 10 of 120 blocks quilted which is 8.3%. I will just get what I can done between work, everyday stuff I need to do, and getting in some exercise.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Productive weekend - 2nd post today

My friend Stephanie came over on Sunday to pin baste a quilt on my table. The quilt was so pretty!

I had the flannel quilt top pieced and the backing sewn together, so after we were done with Stephanie's quilt we pin basted the flannel quilt. It made quick work with both of us pinning!

So what did I put on the back? Well, I was looking thru my stash and I must of had at least five or six yards of one flannel fabric so that is what I used. I was a bit short so I added another piece of a red and white striped flannel.

A bit of an unusual choice, but this flannel had been in my stash for more than 15 years and it needed to be used. I am quilting this in Connecting Threads Olive colored thread because it was a darker color which I thought would look good on the front and I had two spools of it.

I have 9 days to get this done. I think it is doable. The quilt is approx. 88" x 75".

Instead of making pillow cases for the nieces and nephews this year I decided to get them all Sharpie markers. The markers were on sale and cost about as much as the fabric for a pillow case. Each kid will get a set of fine and ultra fine markers. I figure they could use them for school projects and who doesn't love a new set of Sharpies?

I even got them wrapped!