Thursday, September 29, 2016

Almost done

I almost have all the lettering backstitched on the 4th t-shirt for the secret project. So close! My plan is to finish the lettering tonight and stitch the border.

I did get some patches I ordered yesterday. They are not for the secret project. They are original R.E.M. patches and I could not pass them up. The price was super cheap! I will sew at least one on my hoodie.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Found another patch

I was thinking yesterday that I may have another patch for my AC/DC hoodie. I went looking and I found it! I have been to Canada several times and have always enjoyed my visits so this patch is going on my hoodie. I also have another one just like it still in the package! These were in my Grandmother's sewing box.

I went for a walk before the Cleveland Indians ball game and found two cents! I then proceeded to stitch on the secret project a bit while I watched the game. I also received one of the three patches I ordered for this piece. Of course, I can't show it to you.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

More progess and patches

I now have 3 out of the 6 t-shirts embroidered. Yeah! I got started on the 4th one too. I so wish I could show you the front! I figure I will have this done in another week, add in mailing time, and the person should receive this around Oct. 10.

I bought this hoodie to wear to the Akron Art Prize meet and greet for the artists. Of course I didn't get to go because of that screw in my tire.

In the meantime I have been adding patches to the hoodie. I had this Chief Wahoo for years and years so he is going on the hoodie. The Flyers emblem will remind me of the chance meeting with Jakub Vorachek at the Springsteen concert.

On the back there is plenty of room for more patches. I had bought a group of AC/DC Back in Black patches. I think there were 7 that I bought. One went on the AC/DC piece, one on this hoodie, one will go on my t-shirt piece I made last year that is shown in my header, so I have these left.

I may take them to the closing of the Art Prize and if anyone comes up to me while I am standing by my piece and proceeds to gush about it, I may give them a patch. I have some other patches that I found in my Grandmother's converted treadle sewing machine drawers. My Grandmother worked at a sporting goods store in her later years. Grandma sewed patches and lettering on jackets, jerseys, etc. The store also screen printed t-shirts. Grandma would collect at the mistakes and send us a big box at Xmas with the mistake t-shirts, jerseys, and socks. It was great fun going thru the box and finding the craziest t-shirt.

None of these patches reflect anything about me so I won't be sewing any of them on - at least right now. I like patches. I am going to have to find a few more to add to my hoodie.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Progress equals fun!

I made some great of progress on the hand stitching on the secret project. There is a lot of letters on this shirt and I have 41% of them backstitched. I needed a change of pace so I then started on the border stitching. You can see to the top of the picture a line of stitching that will be the first step to stitching the border. For the border I decided to use this variegated dark orange to light yellow floss.

Have a great weekend! My plans are working on the secret project, sew together more of the flannel quilt, and probably mow.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Secret project progress

What I will tell you is that this project is made from t-shirts. In the past when I free motion machine quilt t-shirts, I machine quilt around the lettering and any designs. This makes it sometimes difficult to then backstitch around the lettering. For the first shirt I quilted last night I decided just to meander stitch the background and not machine stitch around the lettering. Since I am experimenting, I only did one shirt before I got out the embroidery floss to start the handwork. I don't have enough backstitching done to make a decision yet. Here is the back right now with the floss I am using for this shirt. You can just see the meander stitching a bit - hard to see with that busy fabric - and the backstitching.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Secret project

I worked on the secret project last night. I found some backing and pin basted it. This is some of my African Dutch Wax fabric.

I also wound bobbins last night so I will be already to free motion machine quilt this piece.

It is still too hot here to go out and walk. It was 91 yesterday when I left work. The weather from the time I moved to this god-forsaken place is lousy. There is no spring or fall, only summer and winter. I can't wait to move to a safe place with better weather and four seasons.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A lovely note

Remember the Harley t-shirt quilt I made for the poker run fundraiser?

Well, here is the thank you note I received for making and donating the quilt

I spent last evening doing laundry and working on a new project. I can't show you the picture of the project because it is for someone who reads my blog. I will be splitting my time between the flannel quilt and this new project. The flannel quilt is not for anyone in particular so I needed a project that was for a specific goal.