Thursday, January 19, 2017

Garage, walking, demo, and quilt top - Oh my!

The garage door is fixed! The fellow did an excellent job and tweaked a few other issues.

Yesterday I walked the site with one of the contractors to rewire the fence where people have tried and/or have made access to the site at night. He took me threw the remaining building as the debris field in one area was too bad to try and walk thru. It was interesting seeing the demolition from inside the building. The structure standing is very stable so there were no issues of walking thru there, but I never would have done it on my own.

I dug thru my stash and found some fabric that I can use for the binding on the quilt tops. It doesn't match exactly, but there are so many colors the colors of the binding fabric will work fine.

I got a lot of steps in yesterday again. What I noticed today is that I am finally starting to recover quicker which I am thrilled about. It has taken a long time and a lot of steps over the last two years! Yesterday steps:

I already have 7,601 for the day so far so I think it will be another big step count today.

I was up early this morning and managed to get three more rows sewn on the third vet quilt top.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Slowing me down

Last night I was still a bit tired, but I had a list of stuff to do - return CD's to the library, a couple loads of laundry, clean the chickens I had put in a pot on the stove at lunch, gather the recycling and trash for pickup today, make cookies for the guys at work, and maybe do a bit of sewing.

The CD's were returned - Check!

Two loads of laundry done - Check!

Clean the chickens - Check! Aw - more broth for today!

Mixed up the cookie dough and put it in the fridge.

Then I went to take the trash out to the garage and I notice that the safety cable for the springs for the garage door was not where it was suppose to be. After some looking around I saw the bracket that holds the pipe which the springs are on came off the wall about 6 inches. The bolts holding it to the wall had come out of the wall. I was able to push the bracket back, but with the tension on it there was no way to lift it to bolt the bracket back to the wall. I called the garage door guys already this morning and hopefully they can come today and fix it. I didn't want to try and open the door for damaging it, so I walked to work this morning. Here is the bracket that is ok

Here is the one that pulled out of the wall. See how the rod is sitting on the door track?

Gather up trash - check! I had to take the bin out the garage man door this morning

Get the bin down the steps and drag it up the side yard slope, but it is sitting at the curb so I would call that a success.

Earlier I looked at the front flower beds and the daffodils are coming up because it has been so warm.

I received more minion fabric last night. I got a panel and one yard of the orange and yellow print.

This fabric got washed, pressed, and is ready to go.

Squeeze in some texting and a couple of phone calls and I was done for the day. I ended up with this for steps for the day which was more than I thought I would.

I was up early enough time morning I baked the cookies so I could take them to work.

Cookies packed and deliver - check!

No sewing happened; the unexpected garage door problem slowed me down.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Better than nothing

I had a busy day at work yesterday. The contractor was taking down a part of the building that was closest to the new school and care had to be taken. I was outside a lot. The temp was 32 and by end of day I was beat. As soon as I sat down my legs just stiffen up and it was all I could do to get up the steps and make some dinner. Here are my steps for the day

Here is the building before

And here is the after. The lighting is coming from the big curtainwall of glass on the natatorium. The contractor did a great job and falling this section of the building went off without a hitch.

Let's just say I went to bed early, really early, last night. After a couple of Excedrin this morning I am feeling much better. I managed to be up early enough to get two rows sewn together on the 3rd quilt top. Like I said - better than nothing!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Two tops done

Here are the two tops I finished this weekend. Both tops are about 48" x 60".

I have another top on the design wall ready for stitching together.

I have been using these strips I cut last year for baby quilts. These are on my UFO list. Last year I made 5 baby quilts and these are what I had left.

Here is what the strips look like now. I may have to cut some light strips just to used up what is remaining. I think I can get one more top out of what is left. I also removed the flannel strips I had mixed in with the cotton fabric.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Gone off the deep end!

I was going to try and not buy much fabric this year, but I have already jumped off the deep end. I am going to make several minion quilts for birthday gifts this year so I needed to get a bit more fabric to add to what I already had. Here is what I already had which I had bought on sale for like five bucks a yard except for the minions on scooters which was gifted to me by my sister.

I hit another sale this week and picked up more at five bucks a yard. The shipping was very reasonable and it came fast! All the way from Texas to Ohio in two days! Fort Worth Fabric Studio did a lovely job of packaging the fabric and included a pen and some hot chocolate! It is a good thing the fabric was wrapped in plastic because the box sat on my stoop in the pouring rain.

Hancock's of Paducah had minion fabric for six bucks and I picked up a few more pieces plus several other pieces that were in their clearance sales. I went ahead and bought enough to qualify for free shipping. I will probably get that next week along with three more pieces I got on ebay. I think I now have plenty to work with and can't wait to start making minion quilts!

I did work on the log cabin top last evening. I was just too tired to finish it, but it is almost done.

I would love to get two more done this weekend. They need to be about 48" x 60".

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The good, the bad, the in progress

The good - yesterday my roll of batting was sitting by my front door! I wouldn't want to run out and have that slow me down! I buy the 90" wide x 40 yard bolt. This seems like a lot of batting, but if I were to guess I would say this is my 6th or 7th roll I have bought. I got it from JoAnn's at 50% off, free shipping, and I had a gift card my brother and his wife had sent me which helped out the cost.

More good - I am stocked up with Mike's. I didn't know it was sold in 24 oz cans until this past weekend.

And even more good - I got the label sewn on a baby quilt for my sister. The quilt is for her dentist's 12 week old baby girl. This is the quilt she picked out. The quilt is in the mail and on it's way to Georgia.

The bad - it was changing from my sunglasses to my regular glasses and the temple broke. I have an old pair of glasses and the prescriptions are very close, but just enough different that yesterday afternoon I was getting a headache and nauseous. I think I am use to the change today and they are not bothering me too much. The replacement part might be in on Friday so I can go get my glasses fixed on Saturday.

The in progress - I decided I needed to get a few tops made for Vicki at Colorways by Vicki Welsh. Vicki quilts the tops and the quilts go to veterans. I am using those strips hanging on my design wall which are also on my UFO list. The centers will be leftover pieces and parts. Here is the first top started.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

3rd finish for 2017 and oh the wind!

This morning I finished sewing on the binding on the soccer boy quilt so I now have my 3rd finish for the year. It turned out 53.75" x 72" and will be a nice utility quilt for someone.

The back was a wide backing from Connecting Threads called Cobblestone. I had bought some in the lavender color for a quilt I made last year for my sister and to get free shipping on this sale fabric I bought some of the beige Cobblestone. Even after washing I thought the fabric was not soft, but for a utility quilt it is fine.

Since this is just a utility quilt, I machine finished the binding. I don't like to straight stitch my binding; I think it makes the binding too stiff. I like to use a staggered zig zag stitch which catches the edge of the binding nicely. I also sew the binding on just like if I was hand stitching it and zig zag it on the back side. Here is a close up of how the stitching looks on the front and back. I also had done this to the Red Dog quilt I just finished.

At lunch yesterday I ran to the grocery to get some coffee for work and picked up a couple of little chickens for me. They have small 5 lb. all natural fresh chickens for a really good price. I put them in a pot on the stove and let them cook while I was at work so by the time I got home they were almost ready to be picked.

I let the chicken cool while I finished quilting the soccer boy quilt and then picked the meat off the bones. I ended up with two containers of meat and 4 quarts of broth. I had thrown some carrots and celery in the broth so it was very tasty. I have been drinking my homemade chicken broth for breakfast and I have noticed I have had more energy!

The wind was fierce last night. I had a hard time getting to sleep because the house just creaked and moaned and some of the branches on the big pine tree outside my bedroom would hit the house! About 11:30 I checked my phone and it said the wind was going to blow hard around 1 a.m.; I already thought it was howling! The wind blew so hard that it blew down some of the temporary fencing at work. I have a feeling I am going to be tired tonight from the lack of sleep, but the sun is suppose to shine today so that will help!