Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Two pillows done, two to go

I buckeled down last night and finished the two tie pillows. I am happy with how they turned out. They are now wrapped and sitting on the lady's desk who is getting them for Xmas; she is a coworker. The ties came from a close friend who passed away several years ago. I have had the ties for several years so it is good they are now made into pillows and out of my house. They finished about 14" and I did put a zipper in the back.
While I was making pillows, I got started on the two deer pillows. I was thinking about putting piping around them, but forget it!  I decided to use the KISS method - Keep It Simple Stupid!  LOL! The covers are made so tonight I just have to make the inserts and they will be done!  They are not very big; maybe 8 1/2" x 10 1/4".
Here is the current list which I know needs revised; our lists constantly need revised don't they? LOL!!! The deer pillows are the last thing sewing wise that needed to be finished for Xmas. I will revise this list later today to include some sewing that I want to get done while I am off over the holidays.
Yesterday a lady at work gave me a Kinder Joy for Xmas. We have fun with these at work putting together the little toys that come in these eggs especially the minion figures.
In my egg was a snowman. I put him together and he now sits with my display for Xmas on my window sill.


Pauline Michaud said...

Congratulations on your recent finishes... my goodness you get a lot done. Those tie pillows turned out beautiful, and the deer pillows are looking really good. I'm trying to finish my Christmas shopping, and then I'll be able to enjoy the holidays. I can't wait to enjoy some time off. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

The tie pillows turned out great. I have a friend with some ties that might like this idea.

Robbie said...

Just getting into blogs to read! Love, love your tie pillows! That are wonderful. Hubby saved me a huge box with all his ties in it...Now maybe I need to revisit making something from them...pillows are perfect! Happy Holidays! Appears you're making happy holidays for others!!!

Vicki W said...

The tie pillows turned out great. I know that she will love them!