Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Stocking progress and batting, lots of batting

With the stitching at lunchtime, after work and this morning, the trees are now done! I am happy with my progress and I know I will be able to have this in the mail by Monday. Here is where I was and where I am
I got the label made and sewn on the quilt for my niece's friend. I will get this in the mail at lunchtime today. The tiny post office in the village where I work is only a mile down the road.
I had ordered a roll of batting on Black Friday on my phone. The order didn't seem to go thru so I messed around until I thought the order was submitted. Well, I ended up with two rolls! LOL!!! Oh, well, I won't have to buy batting for awhile! These are 30 yard rolls.
Along with the rolls of batting they sent a pack of fat quarters with each roll.
I have very few Xmas prints so I was glad to see this cute wreath print. It might go on the back of the stocking.


Cherie Moore said...

Whoops 😉. Phones don’t always work as well as laptops for some websites I find. You are so prolific I’m sure you’ll go through it sooner rather than later. Nice fat quarters they sent along as well. Do you have room for storing the rolls without lien “sleeping” in the guest bed?

swooze said...

Wow, how many quilts do you think will use up that batting? Great FQs!

Christine said...

Love those fat quarters and providential to include a Christmas one just when you need it.

Vicki W said...

I got a great Black Friday deal on a roll of Pellon 80/20 batting. I didn't really need batting but I couldn't pass up the deal.