Tuesday, June 5, 2018

That was hard work!

As soon as I got home from work I changed clothes and got to work. I wound string in the weed whacker and started on cutting down the grass and weeds that were too high for my mower. Here you can see what I was dealing with. The reason how it got so high was I first ran out of gas so by the time I got gas and returned to mowing a week later this area was getting out of hand. It took another week of drying out before I tried again to mow. I did get more of it mowed then the mower got clogged up and stopped. I couldn't get the mower restarted so a couple more days passed and the weeds got taller.

After close to two hours, the area was cleared off. It was 73 degrees, but I still was sweating. I was surprised it took me as long as it did and how tired I was. I was feeling it this morning!

While I was at it I did the area next to the house that can't be mowed. It was pretty wild too! Here is the before and after

I also washed sheets and checked the air in my tires. After that I was beat! This morning I had about a half hour so I started cutting and interfacing t-shirts for a quilt. These t-shirts belong to a cousin of my nephew's. I have known Sammy since he was a baby. He graduated from high school two years ago. I told him I would make him a t-shirt quilt and now that I have been given the shirts I can make the quilt! There are a lot of shirts too!
Something has changed with blogger. I use to get comments in my email and then I would open those emails and tell it to publish them. It was easy to reply to someone, but now I don't get them in the email; comments just show up on my blog and I have to go there to tell them to be published.

I appreciate everyone's comments on the appliqued table cover. I was happy the way it turned out.

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