Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Mowning, not sewing

It was suppose to rain last evening and today so I had to mow as soon as I got home. The grass in the front was like a hayfield, the back was in need of a haircut too. With rain in the forecast I just couldn't ignore this window of opportunity to mow. I managed to get the mower started with less than 15 pulls. The mower is a problem starting when it gets stopped by trying to mow grass that is long and clogs it up. When it conks out like that it is hard to restart. It didn't seem like it had been that long since I had mowed, but the grass was tall! Here is the before and during shots.

It was very humid and I was sweating so bad that it was dripping off my face and I could hardly see thru my glasses. I decided to mow the back too as I didn't want to end up with the problem I had before. An hour and a half later I was done, very sweaty, and exhausted. The back does look better. I cooled down, took a shower and was too tired to do anything else so no sewing happened. I ended up crawling into bed at 7:30 and passed out.

The weeds I sprayed on Monday are dying so maybe this weekend I can get them cleaned up out of the flower beds. I do have some color finally in the yard. My roadside lilies are starting to bloom. Now I see a big old weed growing in the middle of them! LOL!

There is a coneflower ready to burst into flower

Yesterday the site contractor was removing sidewalk. Along part of the sidewalk, in the area between the sidewalk and street, are small gravel rocks with larger rocks as an accent.
This feature is going away as this parking lot is being remodeled to adjoin the new parking area where the parking deck was ripped out. The rocks are just going to the dump so I am snagging a few to take home. The guys helped me load a few last night. I will try and get a few every night. Those two big ones were heavy! I pulled them to the back of the car, put the wheelbarrow next to the bumper and rolled them off one at a time. I will probably end up with a few bruises on legs, but they are nice big rocks that I can use and they were free!

There are a bunch more rocks in the parking lot islands too. The contractors were happy to load the big ones for me and now that I figured a system to get them out of the car I will snap up as many of those as I can. When I bought those rocks last month, there were not many big rocks and I needs some bigger ones. I will only let them put two big one in the car at a time so I don't have too much weight in the back end.


swooze said...

I would have fallen into bed early too!

Kaja said...

How is that that grass never stops growing. Everything else in my garden might drown, or die of thirst, but the grass just carries on regardless. You have a big area to mow!

Janie said...

You've been busy!
Yes, that's a big backyard.
That's a good opportunity to get rocks. And you get exercise
moving them around. The bruises aren't so good.
Good progress.