Monday, June 4, 2018

Got some stuff done!

It was a busy three days. I took Friday off because we had another show. Thank goodness it was local so not a lot of traveling time was involved. I did get the table cover finished. It took about 6 hours to trace the letters, cut them out, and stitch them on. Everyone liked it and it turned out pretty good. This is the best picture I could get at the venue. I don't know why they make us set up behind the security fence and right next to the speakers. It is so loud I can hardly hear the customers. I wear hearing protection at all the shows, but I hate having to yell.

Here is a shot from where I was standing at the merch booth in relation to the stage. Those are the speakers to the right in the picture. We had a great crowd and did ok with sales.

A fellow at the hospital is going to try and sell some boxy pouches for me so I made a few more this weekend. I had dug out all my skull fabrics and with the interfacing I had left I was able to make 17.

I had given 55 of the pouches to a lady who I made the Harley raffle quilt for a couple weeks ago. She was going to try and sell a few for me too. I haven't heard from her yet. Since I have run out of interfacing I am not going to make any more until I get some money for the ones I already made.

I did get my studio cleaned up - it was a mess - and had to mow again. The mower didn't want to start. I finally got it to start, but my arm and shoulder is pretty sore from pulling the cord 40 or 50 times.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I wouldn't be able to stand being next to the speakers. Shouting creates a strain on the vocal cords too. At my granddaughter's wedding reception someone decided the family should be at a certain group of tables...right next to the DJ's speakers.

Vicki W said...

The table turned out great! I hope your pouch sales go well. I would expect those skull ones to go quick!

swooze said...

Sign looks great. Hope your pouches sell out!

Kaja said...

The stand cover looks pretty cool, even behind the fencing. You had a good selection of skull fabrics - I especially like that red one.

Ann said...

Good job with the table cover and the pouches. I think the typography looks wonderful - very well cut and aligned. I'm sure your pouches will sell quickly and hope you get the money soon. It is interesting to see what we all do besides quilt.