Thursday, June 14, 2018

Masks done!

Last night I got the loop tape in the mail. I bought a 25 yard roll. I only cost $10.00 but the shipping was $12.50. Still that is only 90 cents a yard.

Here are the masks/curtains. I even put a little label with the length on them.

I have the vinyl and car cover fabric ready for putting together a pedal board cover which is the last thing I need to do so I can ship these to my brother. The piece of car cover fabric was a scrap and it is the perfect size for what I needed for the pedal board cover. That is why scraps are kept! LOL!!! I will be able to make this cover in less than an hour.

I am taking tomorrow off so I will spend most of the day finishing up the covers for my nephew's band. Maybe after that I can get back to quilting!


Ann said...

Very smart to put a size label on the masks. I should do that with my tablecloths which have different lengths for additional leaves.

Kaja said...

Pretty soon the only things in the band need covers will be the musicians. :-)