Thursday, December 21, 2017

More cutting

After work I made myself cut more fabric despite being tired from the lack of sleep the night before. I made some great progress. I was surprised how many smaller pieces that I had put in my stash pile rather than in the scrap bins. I like that I am going to have a wide variety of fabrics to work with. I ended up with sometimes only one piece of a fabric or with bigger pieces up to 7. I could get 4 pieces out of a fat quarter. Here is what the design wall looks like now.

Here is the pile of fabric before I started cutting last night

and here is what it looks like now. The pile on the left are scraps and the fabric on the right is fabric that is big enough for a quilt back and binding.

Next I will have to go thru my scrap bins and see what goodies I can find.

Yesterday the roofers were back to replace my turtle vents. It was sunny and all the snow was gone so it was a good day to get this done. It is wonderful to have contractors that let you know when they are coming and deliver what they say they are going to do. Here is the before

And the after


Vicki W said...

You are going to have lots of cute blue quilts! Isn't it a treat to have good contractors?

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I really like that flashlight that charges you cell phone. It would be good to keep in the cars. I got frank a digital ruler and that CD player thing he is still fighting with ..... understanding technology now is a big deal.