Friday, December 22, 2017

More blues cut

I managed to get thru the last of the stash pile that contained many scraps. Here are the herringbone pieces I was able to get

This is the pile of scraps left from cutting all the blue herringbone pieces. I will cut rectangles for zig zag blocks and squares for 4 or 9 patch blocks out of these scraps. I still need to go thru my scrap bins and look for more blues.

Here is the stack of fabric I have for bindings and backings. I did order some fabric from Hancock's of Paducah for backs. They had a 20% off coupon for everything and I hit the clearance fabrics hard. I found some great stuff for $3.99 a yard. Take 20% off that and I got free shipping - what a deal! I think they lost money on me! I haven't received the fabric yet, but I am looking forward to that bright yellow package showing up at my front door.

Yesterday I had to stop by the grocery store to pick up a few things and I went into the New Balance store that is in the same plaza just to check out athletic shoes. The ones I bought last year from Second Sole are just killing my feet and I hadn't liked them all that much since I bought them. The saleslady had me try one about six different styles and I found the perfect ones. I went to pay for them and they were marked down to $39.00 from $119.00! What a deal! So far I love them and my sore heel that I have had for a long time with my other shoes seems to be going away.

I am going to be taking time off over the holidays so I may not be posting much. I have to use four days of vacation or I will lose it. At work we only get Christmas day off so I will be taking the four days between Christmas and New Years off. The custodial staff is off January 2nd so I can't get into the school where my office is located. That means I will have 11 days off in a row! I plan on working on the house - there is a lot to do to get it back together after the floor refinishing - and of course doing some sewing.

Have a great holiday season!


Vicki W said...

Enjoy your long break!

Frog Quilter said...

So sorry you have to take time off lol. I can only carry over 45 days so I understand. I am off till January 2 and plan lots of sewing.

Merry Christmas

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Wow, 11 days off in a row!! You should get some well deserved rest as well as getting a lot done on the house. Merry Christmas!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

You are hitting the jackpot in fabric, vacation days and purchases! Love your blues.

We wear NB almost exclusively because of the way it fits your feet. The other brand I love is vionics. they are designed to fit your feet and mold to your particular foot shape. Sometimes i see them on QVC at a great price. But not nearly as good as you got!