Friday, December 1, 2017

another b-day present and batting scraps

My brother, SIL, and nephew came over last night to deliver a sewing project for my nephew. They had a birthday present for me! I was a beautiful wooden incense box with incense.

A couple of years ago they gave me this Buda incense burner, so now I am all set!

I was so tired when I finally got home from work. I had been out in the rain helping move gladiators (cones) around before and when the concrete truck showed up for setting the posts for a fence for the site. Dragging those gladiators was hard work. The rubber base is heavy - 13 to 15 pounds - and moving as many as I did I could feel it in my shoulders and back. I then had to play traffic cop since the truck block the sightline for parents pulling out of the parking lot. Oh, the concrete truck showed up right before school let out. Great timing - not!

I had sorted out the batting by color and size. I found two pieces that were the right size for baby quilts already.

I use stitch 13a on my machine to sew the batting together rather than a regular zig zag stitch which can cause a ridge to form.

I now have five pieces of batting for baby quilts - the two that were the right size already and three more I stitched together with pieces.

I have another one laid out that is eight pieces of batting I will have to sew together

This is what I have left of the white batting. I will try and get one more made out of these

Next I will sew together the natural batting scraps.

I didn't get to take a half day vacation Wednesday or Thursday because of the fencing contractors on site, but they don't work Friday's so I plan on making it a long weekend and take that half day today.

Have a great weekend!


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I wondered how heavy the big cones were. you got your workout for the week.

Vicki W said...

Doesn't it feel good to be thrifty?

Kaja said...

I'd never thought about what big cones would weigh; guess it keeps you fit though! Enjoy your long weekend.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I try to do the same thing when I get the long pieces of batting left over. Bet you were miserable standing out in the rain! Is it cold there?

Ann said...

I never realized but of course those cones are heavy to offset currents from vehicles. I do the same thing with leftover batts although I haven't sewn eight into a baby batt. I used to hand sew them but now use a long basting stitch on the machine. I also backstitch at the beginning then I can pull out any gathering that occurs with long stitches. Hope your weekend was restful.