Monday, December 18, 2017

Getting the house back together and a bit of sewing

It is now time to get the house put back together. This is going to take some time as there is a sequence that stuff needs to be done. The first thing I did was to install the floor diffusers. Here is the before

This job did not take too long and the only tool required was a drill with a drill bit and a Phillips head bit for screwing in the screws. Now I can control the heat.

I really need to finish painting the living room, master bedroom entry and foyer before I install the baseboard. I dug out the baseboard to see how much I had and what still needed painted. Here is what I had upstairs stashed in the kitchen and I have two lengths of baseboard unpainted in the garage which were too long to keep in the kitchen during the floor refinishing.

I measured where I needed baseboard and I now need to figure out how much more I need to buy.

I did a load of laundry Saturday and once the clothes were dried they had that awful dryer smell. I figured it was from the dryer vent needing to be cleaned out so I proceeded to spend my Saturday night taking apart the dryer vent. Here is the vent that goes from the floor to the outside
Then the venting runs along the floor behind the sink and washer and then connects to the dryer.

Taking the vent piping apart was harder than putting it back together because of all the screws that were at each connection. I couldn't find my 1/4" hex bit so I used pliers and it took too long so I ran to the hardware store and got one. I go to take the screws out at the next connection and the screws were a different size! What the heck! I had a bit that was the right size so then things went a bit quicker. For each section I ran t-shirt rags thru the sections to get all the lint out. What a mess! I was covered with lint! Once I got to where the vent was connected to the dryer I noticed that the duct tape was all dried out and the vent was not connected like it should be. I think the dryer exhaust was getting sucked back into the dryer and that is why I had the smell because the vent was not blocked. After 3 hours I had the vent all put back together and the mess cleaned up. I can still smell dryer exhaust so I will have to go tape up a couple more joints that are leaking. The mess

I did make time to sew together the third zig zag quilt top. Here is number two and three together.

I started digging out blues for the next round of baby quilts. I have a couple more piles of fabric to go thru and sort out the blues plus go thru my scraps to see what goodies I can find. I stacked them into light, medium, and darks so I could get an idea of what I have to work with.

I got dough for two more shortbread cookies made last night - toasted pecan sandies and Marth Stewart green tea cookies. I know the green tea sound odd, but I tasted the dough and it was really good. I used Mighty Leaf organic matcha tea and Mighty Leaf organic Jasmine tea leaves that I ground up in my VitaMix. Tonight I will be baking these along with the dough I made up last week.

When working in the kitchen this is what I am looking at - the bottom of my mattress! LOL!!!

Then to get out of the kitchen I have to squeeze by a file cabinet and step over my rug. I feel like I am in a episode of Hoarders every time I go in and out of the kitchen.


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

You LOOK like you are on Hoarders! I love green tea in a lot of things. When I make yogurt I often do either earl grey or matcha.

So glad yo7 are on blue now......Patty’s Blue Period!

Vicki W said...

It doesn't lok quite as bad as Hoarders but it's close! At least you can see the kitchen counters!

Frog Quilter said...

This will all be worth it when finished. Patience... hugs

Kaja said...

You made me laugh - I was reading all about the house and the dryer and thinking 'no wonder she hasn't done any sewing'and then you just casually produce an entire quilt top. You are awesome.