Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A bit of sewing

I made progress on the step zig zag #2 top. A few more seams and it will be sewn together.

I still have one more step zig zag to sew together. I will get these quilted and then I am done with pink for awhile.

The sanding is done and today is all about cleaning up a few corners and using a fine pad to buff the floors. I am not sure when the first coat of finish is going on, but the worst of the dust mess will be over today.

I figured out why I was so crabby. Besides the wreck at the house and hurting myself (I am much better today!) at work my area to work is so small I have no place to lay anything out. So I am fighting with dealing with the house mess and at work. There is a lot of paperwork at work and when there is no place to stack and sort, it is a problem and it makes me crabby. There are these tables that I use when they are in the room to lay out binders and paperwork, but I never know when the school personnel will be in to move them out so I can't leave stuff.

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Glen QuiltSwissy said...

where are you sewing? Your quilt room is not involved with the floor refinishing? And aren't you in an ex-closet at work? My neighbor asked me when does the dust finally settle once you move in? Not for a while, Dale, Not for a while!