Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Two borders done

Guess what I worked on last evening? You're right! The R.E.M. piece. I got the border done on the white shirt

and I got the border done on the black shirt

I started the border stitching on this shirt. This is the front and the back of the shirt and I will treat them as one unit.

I had to stop stitching and go outside to water my new plants. I can tell already that they are doing well. One of the coneflowers has started to bloom.

Today will be a challenge at work. The site contractor has to move the trailer's electrical meter closer to the permanent fence on the left of the picture so they can continue to set the sub grade for the future band practice field. Here is the meter panel now. The panel and all the meters have to be removed. All those meters were for the contractor's trailers when they were building the high/middle school. All those trailers are long gone except for the one I am in as the company I work for is the construction manager for the entire project. I have the a/c running full blast to cool the trailer down as much as possible before they pull the plug. I will spend my day straightening up, filing and cleaning. It is suppose to get up 80 today so it is going to get hot in here.


Vicki W said...

You made great progress on the quilt yesterday! Hope you have a thermos of ice water for today.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I don't have any coneflowers blooming yet but there are lots of buds ready to pop. I bought a red coneflower last night. The last one I had only lasted 2 years and it was white the second year. I hope this one stays red.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Love coneflowers! Are you moving to a new site soon? Hope is is close to home!

Kaja said...

I hope you don't fry in your trailer! I love coneflowers too, though I've never managed to grow them. REM is looking fabulous - the hand stitching is well worth the time it is taking.