Friday, June 2, 2017

Vintage quilts

I had to go downtown for a meeting and as I drove down the street I saw this quilt hanging outside one of the secondhand junk shops

The yellow had caught my eye and I just had to stop after the meeting and take a closer look. I learned my lesson as this happened several months ago when I saw a cool quilt hanging and I didn't stop. I went back later and of course the quilt was gone. Here are some close ups of the blocks. I love the combination of the prints with the yellow and black then the teal wide sashing just sets it off. The quilt was marked $175 and no I did not buy it.

I especially like this block where the maker used the black and white striped fabric

They also had a few other quilts for sale. Dresden plate $125

A rougher Dresden plate $85

More quilts marked $125

And this very rough tied piece for $40.00

What did I buy? I have always wanted one of this style of chair. Several over the years have slipped thru my fingers, but I had never seen one with a padded seat. I will have to clean up the chair a bit including getting some new padding and putting new fabric on the seat, but the chair was not expensive and it makes me happy.


Elaine M said...

That first quilt is eye catching. I have 2 oak "banker" chairs, no padded seat but they are the most comfortable chair when your back aches. Great find.

Janice Holton said...

I LOVE your chair find! You'll have to be sure to show us how it looks after some TLC and new padding.

Kaja said...

That quilt is a beauty as is your chair. But then, I love a nice wooden chair.